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YP London

A visit to Weatherford’s Winfrith Lab By Nurzhan Kairbayev, Fugro Robertson Ltd

Continuing its tradition of organising interesting trips to different laboratory facilities, SPE YP London Committee organised a visit to the Weatherford Advanced Core Analysis Lab, Winfrith, Dorset, in early December.

Primary Drainage Process, Wettability Restoration, Water-Oil Relative Permeability and History Matching of Laboratory Data by Simulation.

David’s presentation gave us the opportunity to learn more about the Centrifuge Services offered by the Lab. He explained how measurements of relative permeability, capillary pressure, residual saturations and endpoint parameters were carried out using single- and multi-speed centrifuges.

On arrival at the Lab, the group of 12 young engineers was greeted by Office Administrator Lynn Palmer, Lab Manager Andrew Cable, and Head of Petrophysics David Lee. Andrew and David gave a brief introduction to Weatherford and Winfrith Laboratory and this was followed by a presentation by Andrew on sample handling and conventional analysis. He explained that at the beginning of any core analysis the emphasis is on the importance of screening the samples and identifying the most reliable ones. Participants also learned that all the core samples received by the Lab are first scanned by MRI machine at a local hospital, to identify fractures and intrusions in the rock. His presentation also covered areas such as the

YP Aberdeen Illicit festivities!

SPE YP Aberdeen held their traditional Christmas dinner at the city’s characterful Illicit Still bar and food venue. They were joined by other Section colleagues, including members of the Aberdeen and Robert Gordon Universities’ Student Chapters. The atmosphere was festive and the food copious!

Aberdeen students benefit

from EOR experience In early December, the University of Aberdeen SPE Student Chapter organised a Technical Talk on Enhanced Oil Recovery.

Delivered by Khaled Elkhandori, of Schlumberger, the presentation included discussions on EOR management philosophy, Micro Pilot, Digital Rock and Deep Look measurements. The event once again demonstrated the students’ success in actively engaging industry partners, as well as the industry’s interest in sharing real-life experiential learning with the students.

After lunch, the attendees were divided into two groups and given a tour of the Lab. Equipment used there is state-of-the-art, for example reservoir condition high-pressure- high-temperature (HPHT) experiments are carried out on special ‘reservoir condition rigs’ (pictured) that can simulate the subsurface conditions.

At the end of the trip David and Andrew thanked everyone for coming and said they would be happy to see more SPE members visiting the Lab.

The event participants and SPE YP London Committee would once again like to thank Weatherford Labs UK and the staff of the Winfrith Lab for facilitating this interesting and informative trip!

The YPs wish all fellow SPE members a very happy 2013 and look forward to the input and collaboration of YP Aberdeen members in presenting new and exciting activities for the year ahead.



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