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'r-NAVYNEWS 'No division did better' the tto,ai Na, ,,,, the Somme

90th Annie~

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'No division did better' - Somme commemorative


UN-sung heroes - Kent's work in the

Mediterranean, page 9

early autumn sun as HMSArk Royal leaves Rosyth for the first time in more than two

" Go Forth into the world in peace... Scotland's great artery glimmers under the

year to begin sea trials.

The fiat-top has undergone a £25m overhaul which has seen the 21-year-old ship converted into a strike carrier and

helicopter assault ship like her older sister Illustrious.

! Ark's roar power, page 4 Picture: CPOA(Phot) Key Preece, HMSArk Royal


Marines and Fleet ROYAL

as they face intense fight and hostile action almof

daily in Afghanistan. Navy Harriers have fired more weapons in

just a fortnight's operations against Taliban and insurgent forces than any of their RAF

taken over from the Paras as the principal British force in theatre - and was engaged with rebel troops within days of arriving.

predecessors sent to the region. On the ground, 3 Commando Brigade has

life of one green beret from 45 Commando andgravely wounded his comrade in a suicide bomb attack on a

Tragically, insurgents have already claimed the

military convoy - which also claimed the lives of two Afghan children. Brig Jerry Thomas, in charge of 3 Commando

IiJ" il AcielJA 1 Air Arm crews are in the line 01[fire

:ing It

Brigad troubi

woule peat

Mi.T&Q, e and the senior British officer in

led Helmand province, said his m I continue their task to try to hr :e to the land.

"Our thoughts are very much th the families and friends of

those killed and injured in this indiscriminate and cowardly

attack. But this has not deterred us from our mission," he said.

Around 3,000 Royal Navy personnel -commandos, ground and air crew, and medics - are

autumn (the other is the amphibious deployment to west Africa).

and prevent Taliban fundamentalists and other insurgents from plunging Helmand into chaos.

Their aim is to support efforts to stabiliseAfghanistan Al ;101;101 :J" let IL 9 -1 of two main 'thrusts' by Senior Service this deployed on Operation Herrick or

800 Naval Air Squadron, based at Kandahar field, has taken over from the RAF as the

call aerial punch for British andAllied forces theatre.

its new role as a strike bomber squadron operating the GR7 version of the fabled

It is rapidly becoming accustomed to

jump jet, which are heavily in demand from ground forces. "From the moment we took over from

than any of its previous Air Force counterparts in recent times."

N Royals hit the ground running, page 3 ! A pilot's eveview of life in Afghanistan, page 8

more weapons in its first two weeks in theatre

in the thick of the action," said pilot Ii Adam Hogg. "800 Naval Air Squadron has dropped

the outgoing RAF squadron we have been

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