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The whole space is changing in a kind of corridor and at the end of that tunnel I see an attractive white light.”

Again we take her exact words and do a round of tapping. “Even though the slimy things are red and its not so hot and its like a cor- ridor with a light, I truly and deeply accept myself”

Then she goes back in: Marga: “The red has now turned into more yellow-orange, it is not as scary and not as hot anymore.”

Another round of tapping using those words. Marga: “I now enter through the tunnel of slimy things, which I leave behind me, in a very comfortable place. It is a kind of cocoon where there is bright white light, a cool breeze and it seems the walls are made of white feath- ers, softly and slowly moving in the breeze. I don’t know what

is going to happen and that is OK.”

Another round of tapping using those words “When I look up I see a night sky with many stars. I can feel there is a whole new world out- side there and I want to go there. I am curious to know how it is. But I cannot get out of my cocoon. I feel I need help from someone or something. Like a ladder or a lift.”

Another round of tapping “even though I can’t get out of this com- fortable cocoon and I need help, I truly and deeply accept myself”

“Then suddenly a force from outside sucks me out of the co- coon and I am in a hurricane being swirled around with great force. It is uncomfortable, I feel out of control, it is scary. I wonder what to do; shall I try and do something or shall I try something new and just give myself over to the force and see what happens. It is scary to be

out of control, but also exciting to be in a hurricane!”

Several rounds of tapping be- cause at this point Marga be- comes quiet distressed. She feels out of control and doesn’t know what to do. So we go round and round the tapping points with “Even though its like a hurricane and I’m scared, really scared and out of control, I still accept my- self” and “Even though I don’t know what to do and I don’t know what’s happening I really do accept myself” Then: Marga: “When I enter my abdomen now the slimy things have become soft, pink pillows and cushions. The heart is still there. I enter the feathery cocoon and the sky is now a clear blue. I feel this co- coon will always be there for me if want to go rest or just want to be there. Then suddenly the cocoon opens like a flower; the walls move outward to the ground. And to the left I see a beautiful meadow with waving wheat and sunflowers. The sun is shining. To the right I can see the night. I feels like I can oversee the whole world and more than that. It is a place full of possibilities”.

Marga is now smiling and full of wonderment. I ask her to close her eyes and enjoy the wheat field, the sun and the possibili- ties, reminding her that this place and these feelings are her very own experience and she can keep them and return to them.

Marga: Since I am on medication for the endometriosis I cannot “test” if the symptoms have gone or reduced. I definitely feel lighter and happier after this Imagineer- ing session. I already noticed I can go back to this image of the cocoon, closed or open, in

an instant. I also realised that I can just open the cocoon by my own will. I don’t need help. Dear Gwyneth, thank you for this great gift!”The next day Marga retained the feeling of being lighter and brighter. She is a medical doctor and felt positive about taking the decision to reduce the medication and thus test for any change in the symptoms.

I have found that it is important in using this technique to let the thinking mind take a vacation whilst the imagination and the tapping do the work.

So I don’t discuss or interpret the imagery whilst we are working and I simply use standard EFT on whatever the person says. The changes in the imagery provide the test that something is chang- ing. There are five other articles on imagineering articles that you can download as a ebook from if you would like to read more and use it yourself.

Four Months Later Marga writes:

I just want to update you on my “endometriosis”. It took me a while to make the decision, but last month I thought let’s just give it a try and I stopped taking the birth control pill. It was a little bit scary, but I tapped on the fear for the pain and the anger about maybe having to go through it again and that helped ease my mind. Last week I had my first normal period since 5 years and guess what; no pain at all! I still cannot believe it and to be honest I am searching for alternative expla- nations...

For more on the work Gwyneth does, please visit: AAMET LIFE JANUARY 2013 37

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