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Article: Self Sabotage

Jonathan told me he thinks his flashbacks and nightmares were the way his mind was trying to force him to face the trauma and deal with it and, therefore, was therapeutic. Yet, it was very disturbing!

Based on his story, I checked with EMT and found a weak muscle also when checking if Dav- id deserved for Jonathan to get over the trauma, indicating another type of subconscious sabo- tage. I explained to Jonathan there was no way he could possibly get over the trauma when he subconsciously felt that these two did not deserve for him to be healed.

We then proceeded to use SCT to remove the sabotage. Because of the severity of the symp- toms, I immediately decided to use the Person- alized Forgiveness Affirmation.

It took quite a long time to remove the subcon- scious sabotage towards the lieutenant.

Then we proceeded to deal with his anger at David for dying. Jonathan did not feel any anger on a conscious level. “How could one be angry at someone for dying?” he asked. I explained that this is exactly the problem.

It is irrational to be angry at someone for dying. It was obviously not David’s choice. He was the victim. Yet, on a subconscious level, there was anger, as was evidenced by EMT.

We were able to successfully remove this sabo- tage. Now when Jonathan said, “David deserves for me to get over the trauma,” the muscle that was weak before SCT was rock solid.

We then checked for “others deserve for me to get over the trauma.” The muscle was strong, indicating there were no others. I then pro- ceeded to check muscle strength with the statement, “God deserves for me to get over the trauma.” Not surprisingly, the muscle was weak. When asked about it, Jonathan said that he did not feel anger but wondered what kind of God allowed so much suffering. After doing the Forgiveness Affirmation for God, the muscle became strong.


There were no more weak muscles. A strong muscle with the statement, “There is100% subconscious support to finding the best method to getting over the trauma,” indicated that now we can get answers about the preferred method of treatment.

We proceeded with, “The best way is EMDR,” – weak muscle (no).

“The best way is EFT,” – strong muscle (yes).

Then I asked Jonathan to guess, if he would talk about the trauma, where would he rate his anxiety to be, on a scale of 0 to 10.

He guessed 10. With a few rounds of the full protocol of EFT, we were able to decrease it down to two.

Next I asked Jonathan to tell me the details of the trauma. He started to talk. He still felt emotionally numb, but felt tightness in his chest, rated 9/10. We tapped on it and got it down to 0/10. Yet he had sharp pain over the left side of his head, rated 8/10. We “tapped” it down to 1/10.

When Jonathan continued telling more details about the trauma he felt anxiety, rated 7/10, and we were able to tap it down. He contin- ued talking and a few times along the story, the anxiety went up. We were able to successfully reduce it down substantially to 1/10.

This was good enough, as Jonathan felt he would not recognize himself if he would be completely symptom free. He also expressed his concern that should he be symptom free, treatment would be stopped, and he was not ready for it. He also wanted to be sure the military pension he received would continue until at least such a time that he would be able to be gainfully employed.

In a follow-up of six months, Jonathan only had some minor persisting symptoms. He attended computer school and was looking forward to gradually get off medications.

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