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ARE WE ALL PSYCHIC? Working Intuitively with EFT

by Katie Vereshchaka

I ’m an EFT practitioner

and a practicing intuitive. It’s a winning combina- tion. Intuition can reveal

which areas an EFT professional might target for tap- ping. I never know what information I’ll receive dur- ing a session. Starting with prayer assures me that I’ll receive what information I need for that client, for that session.

One of my most memorable sessions was the summer of 2011, with a young man whom I’ll call Daniel. I was visiting a friend in my childhood Washington, D.C. neighborhood. Her son had a visitor, Daniel. I noticed this young man cringe with pain whenever he’d move his body. I inquired.

Daniel explained that he’d been injured in a car acci- dent several years before, and was taking medication, but still in intense pain. It struck me that he, at twenty- five years old, sure was young to keep this pain in his body, and I wondered why he wouldn’t heal. I sug- gested that I may be able to help, and explained a little about EFT. He was willing. We tapped together while the others observed.

When we started, on a scale from zero to ten, he was at a pain level of ten plus. It hurt in a few places including leg and shoulder, traveling as we tapped. At some point the pain was in his chest. The pain would decrease in one spot, but then become noticeable in another. We kept tapping, using basic statements of ‘this pain in my left shoulder’, ‘I was in a car accident’, ‘I hit the dash- board’.

It was working just fine, but then suddenly I hit the mother lode! Guidance was loud and clear. I shared

with Daniel, “I’m getting something about you ... regarding a sister .. something when you were four years old. Do you have a sister?” Affirmative.

Daniel then told me his sister was born three days after his fourth birthday. I asked, “Was she a sickly child?” He replied, “She was a premature baby.” Jackpot!

I knew in that moment we were headed for a successful session. I suggested to Daniel that he held onto a belief, all of these years, that the way to get love was by being sick. We used statements of ‘being sick means getting love’, ‘I have to suffer if I want attention’, and anything else that fit the scenario.

At this point, the pain was leaving really quickly. We tapped out the old belief that no longer served, and used truer statements of ‘I can be pain free and receive love, ‘I can feel good in my body and receive care from others’, ‘I am ready to release this pain’, ‘I believe differently now’.

After an hour and a half of EFT, Daniel was pain free. We checked each area, each one was at zero. Jaws were dropped. I was humbled. God was at work. Daniel had a reason for keeping his pain, a reason of which he wasn’t aware. When we took the energy out of his reason - his belief, his body released the pain it had been holding for years.

Just today, I spoke with my friend and asked her son about his friend Daniel. He reported, “He’s been good ever since!”

From what I was told, they tell the story of that day quite a bit.


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