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Meta-Medicine and EFT: it

takes two to tango I started tapping on myself in connection to my baby son and see what would come up…. I was amazed as what emerged was my fear of not being able to connect with my child and not being able to understand

him, his needs and “who he is”, with the con- sequence of being detached and far from him and not having a close and understand- ing relationship. I did a couple of EFT sessions over two days and the cradle cap completely disappeared. This was at the same time amaz- ing and beautiful and it totally fitted with the Meta-Medicine model. For Meta-medicine the epidermis (or outer layer of the skin) - where cradle cap occurs - is related to an is- sue of separation, of loss (or perceived loss) of contact; also the location is important: in this case, on the scalp, it could be related to an “intellectual” separation. This made per- fect sense to me. Even before the birth of my child, during pregnancy, I had the fear of not being able to be connected with him, not so much on the physical level, but mainly on the intellectual, spiritual one. And of course, as he was born, my fear remained as at times it was really difficult to understand what a crying baby would need… This was not re- ferred only to not being able to understand his material needs, but mainly to what he would need as a human being, as a soul liv- ing on this earth and trying to become who he is meant to be. My main thought was not being able to understand him, connect with him and be by his side during his life….

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Deeper in the “skin” of Meta-

Medicine For Meta-Medicine each disease process is characterized by 2 phases: the first active phase which corresponds to the stress phase, and the second passive phase where we are in regeneration.

Related to the skin, in the first phase we would find symptoms such as pale, rough, cold skin, with reduced sensitivity, scaling neuroder- matitis, dandruff. Why does this happen? Let’s think of the function of the skin: it is our boundary and it separates (and at the same time) connects us with the environment and with people. When a traumatic/stressful event happens, what we want to do is to avoid that negative feeling, so in this case “we don’t want to feel separated” so our skin loses its sensitiv- ity, it becomes cold, less alive. On the other side, in the second phase (regeneration phase when we want to connect again) the skin needs to increase its activity (to be able to feel again the contact) so it becomes hot, red and swells, with exanthema, dermatitis, urticaria or eczema, and of course, presence of microbes (in particular, if there is a fungus the skin has a red base).

The information is in the field

I find it very interesting that what I feel and fear, my energy and my projections, can so strongly and directly influence my child, not only during his first years but also during his life in the womb. My baby has now just a lit- tle patch of cradle cap on the right said of his head… maybe this time his dad should tap on it (if he is right wired, it is likely to be linked to his father), so let’s see what will happen!


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