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AAMET You use magnets to clear the stuck energy, how does that work? Why Magnets?

Dr Nelson Just as trapped emotions are a form of energy, magnets provide a convenient, concentrated source of countering energy. I discovered that pass- ing a magnet down the governing Meridian a few times will instantly and permanently release the trapped emotional energy from the body. When I made this discovery, I was using the magnets that are made by Nikken, the Japanese wellness compa- ny. For a number of years I thought that those mag- nets had to be used, that no other magnets would work. But after trying all kinds of magnets, with all kinds of strengths and polarities, I now realize that any magnet will work, even a refrigerator magnet. And if you don’t have a magnet, you can simply use your fingertips, as the body itself is magnetic. You see, the governing Meridian is an energy reser- voir that connects to all the other meridians. When a trapped emotion is ready to be released, a few swipes of the magnet down the governing Meridian, coupled with your intention to release the trapped emotion, is all that it takes. It’s incredibly simple and incredibly fast.

AAMET What is zero-point technology and where does that fit in?

Dr Nelson Another very exciting new technology that is now available is found in “zero-point” energy devices. Zero-point energy is the energy that sur- rounds and is between all the atoms and subatomic particles of the universe. Indeed, zero-point energy fills the immensity of space. Your body, like every- thing else that exists, is filled with this particular kind of energy.

It seems that certain crystals, when pressurized and treated in a particular way, resonate very powerfully with the frequency of zero-point energy. I have used zero-point devices with great success. Not only are zero-point devices easy to use and very effective for releasing trapped emotions, they often have an astonishing ability to reduce discomfort and restore balance and function to imbalanced tissues, much like the magnets manufactured by Nikken.

I have witnessed enough success stories to know for myself that this is a very exciting technology that re- leases trapped emotions fully as well as any magnet, and often works to release discomfort and improve healing in many cases.

AAMET What is your vision for the future of healing and how does your work fit in with that?

Dr Nelson I can’t tell you how excited I am about the present age that we are living in. I believe that we are on the verge of a time when healers of all types will work together for the benefit of their patients. As we finally begin to wrap our heads around the true nature of our existence as energetic beings, and as we finally understand that the answers to our illnesses lie within our own subconscious minds, as we finally realize that we can access those answers simply and easily through these technologies, the world can’t help but change for the better. As Dr. Mehmet Oz stated recently, “Energy medicine is the future of all medicine.” I would hum- bly add, “The Emotion Code and The Body Code are the future of energy medicine.”

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