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One early morning in August of 2008, I woke up to find my mind full of a very specific instruction. The instruction was to, “Take all the information that you have gained, take everything that you have learned about healing, and put it into a self-study course that anyone can learn, and make it available to everyone, everywhere.”

It’s hard to describe how crystal-clear this instruction was.

There was no question that this is what I was sup- posed to do. Yet for just a moment the thought of how much work this was going to be made me look upward and ask, “Are you sure about this?” (There was no response to this question, but I wasn’t ex- pecting one, really.) I spent the next year working non-stop on The Body Code. I would start working on it before the sun was up and often still be work- ing on it after midnight.

I believe that The Body Code System is the most ad- vanced method of energetic healing and of natural healing that exists on the planet today. It’s really amazing. And while I would love to take credit for it, I will never do that, because I believe that I’m just the messenger. I believe that everything that has happened to me in my life has prepared me to be this messenger, to bring The Body Code System to the world, to bring The Emotion Code to the world, to give back the healing birthright that belongs to every single one of us, to turn us back into the heal- ers that we are capable of being.

AAMET You say that the Body Code System can allow anyone to become a powerful energy healer, What is the Body Code System and how can it give me the means to be a powerful energy healer?

Dr Nelson Imagine if you had direct access to the most advanced medical database in the universe and could always get the “correct” answer for any health question. Now imagine if you could use those answers to help yourself and your loved ones to overcome any health obstacle they face, improving


the condition of their lives and adding vibrancy to their everyday experience of life.

What if you could do all of this from anywhere in the world with no need to be in physical contact with the other person? That is the secret behind The Body Code System.

Put simply the secret is this: The human body holds all of the answers that we need to help it function at its absolute peak. The Body Code combines the proven techniques of muscle testing computer programming to unlock the hidden healing power of the subconscious mind. It is simple yet incredibly powerful.

AAMET What is the difference between the Body Code System and other energy therapies, such as EFT?

Dr Nelson The Body Code System enables anyone to practice the art of healing in a very holistic, very complete way. It relies entirely on the subconscious mind, on the spirit intelligence within, to determine what needs to be done for the client. As practition- ers, I think we all realize that people’s problems are not always emotionally based, although the majority of problems are. But what if your client has a low- grade infection? Low-grade infections very often are undetected by Western medical procedures, yet they can cause a lot of trouble. What if your patient is suf- fering from heavy metal toxicity, structural misalign- ment, nutritional deficiencies, Meridian imbalances and so on?

What if what you are currently doing is not enough to get to the roots of what’s wrong with your client?

This is precisely where The Body Code System comes in. The Body Code System is really the result of my training and work as a computer programmer, com- bined with the unlimited power of the subconscious mind. When you access the subconscious mind, you’re tapping into the most powerful computer that we know of, a computer that holds all the an- swers, a computer that knows with a perfect under- standing what your client really needs.

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