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that problem, my attitude was always, “Well, maybe, maybe not. Maybe there’s a better way to do this that just hasn’t been figured out yet.” By this time, I had become pretty good at computer program- ming. In fact, I was able to help put myself through chiropractic school by programming the admissions software that our college used.

I remember my instructors saying, “the brain is the most sophisticated computer in the known uni- verse.” And I can remember thinking, “Wow. If the brain is really a computer, will we ever have the abil- ity to access the data that must be stored in there, because if we could, it would be amazing.” I hoped that someday, as technology advanced, we might eventually gain this ability. Little did I know how ac- cessing the subconscious database would affect my practice and the rest of my life!

Since God had gotten me into this line of work, I thought perhaps He might be willing to help me in practice. I soon fell into a habit of asking a silent prayer before I worked on each patient. It just took a few seconds, and no one ever knew I had this habit, but as time went on, I received more and more information from above, information that I needed to help my patients get well. One of the most pro- found things that I learned was the enormous role that emotions play in our illnesses. I found that this emotional baggage, our “trapped emotions,” are responsible for up to 90% of our pain, our physical illnesses and emotional difficulties. As time went on, I refined the method that I was using to find and release these trapped emotions, and when I had it to a point that it was simple enough that anyone could learn it, I began teaching seminars in an attempt to get the word out about this powerful new method of healing.

AAMET What is the main message you convey through the book?

Dr Nelson There are a number of very powerful messages in the book that all combine together to create a quite remarkable new method. First of all, I believe that the birthright of every single human being is to be a healer. The Emotion Code gives back that birthright to every man, woman and child on earth. Healing need not be difficult. The Emotion Code makes it simple enough that a child can do


it, and indeed, we have children working miracles with it. I believe it is absolutely time to take back our power and our ability to heal. While there will always be a need for a medical profession, a need for surgery, a need for drugs, the reality is that most problems can be dealt with by simply releasing the emotional baggage that underlies our symptoms.

Another incredibly powerful message of The Emo- tion Code has to do with the human heart. Ancient peoples believed that the human heart was the seat of the soul, the source of our love, the source of our creativity and the core of our being. In the West, we have thought these old ideas were simply poetic notions, the uneducated attempts of ancient peoples to understand the inner workings of the human mind without the advantages of the modern technology that we enjoy. Now, modern technology is actually revealing to us that these ancient peoples were right in their beliefs about the human heart. It is exactly what they thought it was.

When someone is really hurting us, when we are feeling deeply hurt or grieved, we can feel heaviness and other physical sensations that make us think our heart is “breaking.” When we are feeling this way, the heart within us, the core of our being, is truly under assault. If this happens to a person more than once or twice, the subconscious mind will put up a “wall” of energy, a “force-field” made from the energy of their trapped emotions. This Heart-Wall interferes with our ability to give and receive love, to feel posi- tive emotions, and to manifest the pure creation that lies within the heart of each one of us. Taking down this invisible wall allows us to manifest the perfect creation within us, to find love, and to create our best and most abundant life. This is the most im- portant message of The Emotion Code; that 93% of people are emotionally handicapped because of the walls around their hearts. The Emotion Code unlocks this secret, and gives us an incredibly rapid way to find and eliminate these damaging walls.

When Heart-Walls are removed, depression disap- pears immediately in most cases, people suddenly find themselves in love who for many years had been alone, and more. The discovery of the Heart- Wall has been called “The greatest discovery in the history of energy medicine,” because of its profound truth, as well as the profound and life-changing ef- fects that it has when it is removed.

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