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I will go either way.” I was awakened in the middle of that night to find my mind full of thoughts about healing, and how wonderful it is to be able to serve other people that way. I remember thinking, “Well yes, that’s true, but this other direction is good, too….” I had this experience 3 times that night. I woke up 3 times, and each time my mind was full of these “warm fuzzy feelings” about going into the healing arts. Nevertheless, I wasn’t convinced. (Do I seem a bit thick headed to you?)

The next night found me on my knees once again, ask- ing God for guidance. And this was a night that I will never forget if I live to be a million years old. This night, like the night before, I was awakened 3 times. And each time I was awak- ened, my mind was filled with the same thoughts as the night before. But somehow these feelings became progressively stronger and more powerful each time I was awak- ened. The 3rd time that I woke up on that second night, my mind was overflowing with thoughts of service to mankind and to humanity; it’s impossible for me to describe what this experience was like, but these feelings were absolutely overwhelming.

As I was feeling those feelings, those thoughts of service in healing and helping the world, a voice spoke to me. It was a voice is clear as crystal, and as distinct and as audible as anything I’ve ever heard. It

simply said, “This is a sacred calling.”

I’ve reflected on this experience many times since then. And I believe that, because the human body is actually a sacred “temple” for our spirit to inhabit, that any time we are working to help that body function better, we are doing a sacred thing. If we are sewing up an injury, if we are helping someone who is disabled, if we are healing someone who is in need of healing, we are doing a sacred thing.

AAMET What inspired you to write the book The Emo- tion Code?

Dr Nelson In the summer of 1983 I began my jour- ney in the healing arts by enrolling in chiropractic school. I fondly remember it as one of the great experiences of my life, and thanks to my classmates, it was a truly enlightening experience. However, my guard was up from the first day I stepped on cam- pus... No matter what healing method was taught by my instructors as being the “best way” to fix this or


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