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AAMET Did you always know you wanted to be a healer?

Dr Nelson When I was 13 years old, I was diagnosed with kidney disease. At the hospital, the Doctors told us that there was no treatment for what I had. They told me to be careful not to run or play too hard, because it could be dangerous. I remember thinking that they didn’t really need to tell me that, because just walking would sometimes create pain in my back that would make me feel like I had been stabbed with a knife. Since this disease was poten- tially fatal, and since there was no medical treatment for it, my parents decided to try an alternative.

They took me to see a couple of Osteopathic Doc-

tors who practiced and lived in a trailer house situ- ated in the middle of a field on the outskirts of town. Their names were Dr. Alan Bain and Dr. Ida Harmon. “Doc and Ida” started manipulating and realigning my spine, and within a couple of weeks, I felt much better. The pain that I had been experiencing was much less frequent, and much less severe. After about a month, I had just about forgotten that I was ever sick. My parents took me back to the clinic, where they ran the tests on me again. The tests were all negative, and as I recall, that was the 1st time I ever heard the phrase “spontaneous remission.” “Whatever we did must’ve worked!” But of course, they hadn’t done anything. I knew what had really helped me, and it wasn’t Western Medicine.

AAMET What made you choose to become a holistic doctor as opposed to a medical doctor?

Dr Nelson I knew in my heart that what my “alter- native Doctors” had done HAD worked. I decided then and there that I wanted to be a Doctor when I grew up, but not just any kind of Dr., I wanted to be THAT kind of doctor. If I had to practice in a trailer house in the middle of a muddy field, that was okay with me. Doc and Ida treated people by the busload who would come to them from all over, even from other states. They were miracle workers, and my life would never be the same after my experience with


them. I remember very distinctly lying on my back on their table during a treatment session and telling Dr. Harmon, “When I grow up, I want to do what you do.” She replied, “No you don’t. If you go to school you’ll never learn the right way to heal. They’ll fill your head so full of dogma and nonsense that you’ll never be able to think for yourself again.” Maybe it was my age, but for some reason this advice really stayed with me. In fact that one simple piece of ad- vice changed the course of my life forever.

As the years went on my dream of being a healer started to fade a bit. I was introduced to computer programming in college and I loved it. I loved busi- ness, and decided that I wouldn’t go into the healing arts after all. Instead, I was going to become a busi- nessman. When I was about 6 months away from starting the MBA program at Brigham Young Uni- versity, my wife Jean and I went home to Montana for Christmas. As we were sitting with my mother and father in their living room, my father suddenly asked me, “Are you sure you don’t want to go to chi- ropractic school? You’ve always wanted to do that, and it seems like a really great career.” I replied that, “No, I’ve decided to get my MBA, so I’m really go- ing in a different direction.” He said “Well, why don’t you think about it one more time?” I told him that I would.

Later that evening, Jean and I drew up a pro and con list. On one side was chiropractic, and on the other side was the MBA and the business world. The list was a little longer on the chiropractic side, but I wasn’t convinced. However, I was now not so sure what I really wanted to do. I had thought that my mind was made up, but now I felt like I was being torn between 2 exciting futures.

When Jean and I got married, we made an agree- ment that we would never make any momentous or important decision without praying about it to see if it was right. This was definitely one of those momen- tous decisions.

So, that night found me on my knees. I essentially said, “Father in Heaven, if it makes any difference to you, please help me to know what direction to go.

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