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At this time my employers have agreed to stage another larger study with a dozen staff members from assorted projects within the organization about to be trained. If the feedback is positive, which I fully expect it to be, the sen- ior management will be looking at “Rolling it out”, into the organisations 17 projects here in London.

Where do I see EFT going?

Although I can see a day when it will be part of the NHS just as acupuncture has become I believe progress will be slow in introducing it to mainstream primary care.

The NHS is all about evidence based treatment modalities and until we can provide the evidence we will be knocking on the door. The evidence is there anecdotally by the barrow load but it just isn’t enough. I know that some within the EFT community are trying whatever they can to produce the neces- sary evidence and I wish them God speed in their efforts.

Ideally we need the resources to carry out a clinical study of EFT but as we all know this takes an inordinate amount of money and funding is an issue right across the board in these times we live in. Until we find the means to make this happen we as a community can only keep spreading the word and doing what is re- quired to make EFT as widely known as possible. We need to make a concerted effort to use it on anyone, anytime, anywhere. I’ve even used it in bars and restau- rants.

I am delighted to have the pleasure of work- ing with one forward looking and open minded GP who refers clients to me specifically for EFT sessions after she experienced it’s effects and listened to her patients

Five years ago I was being ridiculed. Since then however EFT has been in the media and when you mention “Tapping” people now they say “Oh Yeah, I’ve heard of that”. Maybe, hopefully, it won’t be too long before everyone knows what those three alphabetical letters EFT refer to.

My best wishes to all in the EFT community. I wish you the very best. Your efforts will come to fruition one day and I will continue to be doing whatever I can to carry this wonderful technique forward.

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