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Insight: Drug Addictions My journey to E F T...

Approximately five years ago I decided to try to find a tool which would offer my clients a way of taking back some level of control of their chaotic behav- iour.

I felt it important they didn’t need to wait another week for a one hour session to help them deal with whatever may be upsetting to them. This could be memories, daily anxieties or more prevalently crav- ings to use more drugs thereby continuing the cycle of drug abuse.

I scoured the Internet trying to find something, although I wasn’t even sure myself what I was look- ing for and I literally stumbled onto EFT when I came across a Gary Craig video.

I decided I’d like to give it a go and made contact with Philip and Christine of Pheonix EFT, got myself trained, and haven’t looked back since.

Having passed my training I then decided to ap- proach my employers to request permission to intro- duce EFT sessions with my own clients. I work for a London based charity, BlenheimCDP and I’m pleased to say that my senior management are forward look- ing and pride themselves on being innovative.

E F T study shows 50% success rate

They agreed to me running

a pilot study with a small group of six clients for six months. I used the NHS HADS scale in evaluating the study. Out of that group three are now drug free and are now EFT Practitioners. One moved away and the other two were drug free for some months but are now back using drugs again. As sad as that may be the study equates to a 50% success rate.


At this time I also facilitated a weekly EFT group in a rehabilitation unit where residents were connecting with their emotions for the first time in years.

The level of emotion being expressed at this stage of recovery can be overwhelming. Anger was rife for a majority at this stage of recovery so I would teach them to use Tapping to alleviate their anger whenever they felt it surfacing.

Disrupted sleep patterns was also a very common is- sue. I would teach them to Tap on themselves while in bed and some slept soundly for the first time in weeks.

I expect some of you reading this will know what I’m talking about when I say I experienced a level of ridicule and resistance. Common comments were “You’re having laugh, what can Tapping on your yourself do”?

I experienced this weekly while being given the cold shoulder by the in house psychotherapists. I now bump into ex-residents who tell me that are still using EFT anytime they feel the need and that they wouldn’t have found staying drug free as easy with- out the technique. I now also have the respect of the psychotherapists.

I’m delighted to have had the opportunity to use EFT on other talking therapy professionals who were so taken by the results they have sought out train- ing to compliment their practice.

Staff members at my workplace have referred their clients to me after experiencing the technique for their own issues and some have now become prac- titioners. Volunteers also at my workplace have also been trained to practitioner level.

Over the years I have continued to employ EFT with a number of my clients, with a considerable success rate. I have gone on to use the technique with GP Practice staff, family and friends. In fact I use the technique at any given opportunity and can hon- estly say I do not know anyone who hasn’t benefit- ted from it.

I have been shocked and still am taken by surprise at just how effective EFT can be and have added to my skills by being trained in Matrix Reimprinting which I refer to as EFT on Steroids.

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