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Shearwell Lambing Products

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The secret in the soil

Farming news and views in Wales February 2013 All prices exclude VATand delivery Tel. 01643 841611 £1.50

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Venture sees garden grow

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Hopes pinned on wonder op

HIT IN THE POCKET: Tony Hack confronts the harsh financial reality of bovine TB.

PICTURE: Debbie James.

Banks adding to farmers’ TB woe

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■ Farms are penalised for breakdowns

ADAIRY farmer who has lost more than 40 cows to bovine TB says business- es hit by the disease face financial penalties from

their banks. Tony Hack, whoruns apedi-

gree herdinCeredigion, has been with the same bank for15years, butwhen TB first struck his herd thatrelationship changed.

by Debbie James “I had asense thatifa farm

had TB they would be very reluc- tant to lend. If youdon’t have the backing of your bank it makes youfeel very vulnerable,” Mr Hack admitted. “Banks will look at afarm’s

cashflowoversix months,ifyou have lost cows and don’t have as much milk to sell thatisgoing to affect the cashflow. In our experi- ence banks will tighten up on their lending.’’ Mr Hack said the interest rate

he wascharged has doubled to 5%, at atime when farms are alreadystruggling financially.

Since the farmwas hit by TB

he has had to reduce spending. “Wehaven’t spent money on machines forfive years because we simplycan’t afford to,” he said.

Mr Hack runs apedigree herd

of 100 Holsteins and 25 pedigree BrownSwiss and Ayrshirecattle. He has lost severalcowsfrom leading cowfamilies. “If youlose agood cowfrom

the herd, youcan’t just replace them –itdoesn’t work likethat,” he said. The herdhas nowachievedits

first clear TB test and will be test- ed again after 60 days. Mr Hack, whofarms outside the Intensive Action Area, urged

the Welsh Government to take action beyond badger vaccina- tion to controlthe wildlife popu- lation and to ensurethe future survivaloffamilyfarms. He hopes to expand the dairy

herdwhen his son joins the fami- ly business,but admits it will be challenging if the farmkeeps los- ing cattle. “I am happythatmyson

wants to join the familyfarm business,but unless the Welsh Government sorts out bovine TB I’m afraid it’sgoing to put alot of youngsters offjoining the industry,” he said. Latest figures showthatin

2011 morethan 8,000 cattle were slaughtered in Wales because of

bovine TB and this cost over £13m in compensation alone. The European Commission

has nowapproved the Wales TB Eradication Plan for2013. Environment minister John

Griffiths insisted thatWales had acomprehensive range of meas- ures in place to deal with bovine TB.

“This includes tackling the dis-

ease in wildlife,increased TB testing and improving biosecuri- ty,” he said.

Find out how Tony Hack copes with living

in the shadow of TB. See page 19

Saucy Sally’srecipe forthe best silage

SafesilTM eradicatessilage spoilage organisms, minimising DM losses and giving unbeatable aerobicstability.

O2 Barrier 2in1 combines an innovativeformulation of polyethylenesilage film and polyamide vacuum film in asingle sheet.

This unique product is only 100mthick but offersuptoten times less oxygen-permeability, and at least as muchstrength, as conventional sheeting systems-ensuring the rapid formation and sustainabilityof anaerobicconditions in the clamp.

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