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You may feel frustrated if your loved one doesn’t want to quit or can’t quit successfully. But remember you cannot make someone stop using tobacco. Nagging or threats may only cause your loved one to resist quitting even more and can make you both feel angry and tense around each other. Te decision to quit must be made by the person who uses tobacco.

Step 1

Tink of how much you care about your loved one. Focus on the things you enjoy and appreciate. Let go of your anger and disappointment at his or her use of tobacco. Tis way you can support your loved one during this important time.

Step 2

Learn how nicotine is addictive and try to understand why your loved one uses tobacco. Your loved one may enjoy the way tobacco makes him or her feel or may be afraid of dealing with withdrawal symptoms that come with quitting. To understand, think about something you really enjoy such as eating ice cream, shopping, or running. Tink about how you feel when you do your favorite activity. It may relax you, give you energy, or give you a sense of control. Now think how upset you would feel if you knew you could never enjoy that activity again. Tobacco users deal with the same feelings of anxiety when faced with the loss of their habit.

Remember, for someone who uses tobacco, quitting can feel like losing something you love.

6 How to Help Someone You Love Stop Using Tobacco

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