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USES TOBACCO Most adults who use tobacco wish they never started in the first place. If your mom or dad is trying to quit, here are some ideas that might help:

• Try not to focus on the fact that your parent uses tobacco. Tink of all the things you love and tell him or her about those wonderful things. Your mom or dad may already feel bad about using tobacco, and negative feelings can cause guilt or stress that makes quitting harder.

• Take care of your health. Te secondhand smoke you get from your parent’s cigarette, cigar, or pipe harms your lungs and may cause health problems. It is okay to ask your parent to smoke in another room or outside so you are not around the smoke. Be sure to ask your parent in a nice and respectful way such as, “I understand you need to have a cigarette, but will you please smoke somewhere else? Te air is hard to breathe.” Be sure to thank him or her for smoking away from you. If your parent or other grown-ups are smoking and will not leave the room, ask if you can play outside or in a different part of the house.

• Offer a piece of gum or candy when your mom or dad reaches for a cigarette. You could even ask your mom or dad to play a game or go for a walk. Activities will help your parent keep busy so he or she doesn’t think about needing tobacco at that time.

• Save your allowance! When you see that your mom or dad has not used tobacco for a whole week or a whole month, buy a little something to congratulate him or her. Tis will encourage your parent to keep trying and show how important it is to you. It is very hard to quit using tobacco, so your parent will need lots of love and support.

• Give your parent lots of hugs. Tell your mom or dad that you care about her or his health. Be sure to show love to your parent by being supportive and doing your chores and homework. Your parent may be frustrated and angry at times while trying to quit, but this is normal. Be patient and this hard time will pass.

10 How to Help Someone You Love Stop Using Tobacco

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