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April 2004 Volume 35, Issue 2

Coronado Railroad Appeal of Designation, Lawsuit Goes Forward

The appeal of historic designation of the Coronado

Railroad is scheduled to be heard July 20th by the City Council at 10:00am in the Council Chambers 12th floor, 202 "C" Street San Diego. This is an important case as the Railroad was designated for all 3 criteria A, B, & C.

Legally, the council must uphold this designation, which has the support of all the historical groups from the San Diego region. The decision will set an important precedent for all future designations. This council has not upheld any historical designation to date and they will and must hear from us.

In the meantime the Port of San Diego has refused to talk settlement with SOHO in conjunction with our lawsuit concerning paving over the line in Chula Vista without doing an EIR. It seems Greg Cox et al are playing hard ball on this one and the matter will have to be resolved by the legal system. This is unfortunate, as the issues are easily resolved. They continue to insist on doing this the hard way and to flaunt the law.

Photo Bruce Coons

Please come out to support the designation and ask your city councilman to deny the appeal, which has no basis, whatsoever. In fact, no evidence has been presented to form a basis for the appeal, which in itself violates the ordinance. The council does not; it does not have discretion in overturning the designation by the Historical Resources Board. This must stop here and now.

Please take the time to write and ask the Mayor and City Council to support their Historic Resources Board and deny the appeal that will come before them.

Mayor Dick Murphy 202 C Street, 11th Floor San Diego CA 92101

619-236-6330, 619-236-7228 fax

Deputy Mayor Toni Atkins 202 C Street, MS #10A San Diego CA 92101

619-236-6633, 619-595-1481 fax

Councilmember Donna Frye 202 C Street, MS #10A San Diego CA 92101

619-236-6616, 619-236-7329 fax

Councilmember Ralph Inzunza 202 C Street, MS #10A San Diego CA 92101

619-236-6688, 619-231-7918 fax

Councilmember Charles Lewis 202 C Street, MS #10A San Diego CA 92101

619-236-6644, 619-236-7273 fax

Councilmember Jim Madaffer 202 C Street, MS #10A San Diego CA 92101

619-236-6677, 619-238-1360 fax

Councilmember Brian Maienschein 202 C Street, MS #10A San Diego CA 92101

619-236-6655, 619-238-0915 fax

Councilmember Scott Peters 202 C Street, MS #10A San Diego CA 92101

619-236-6611, 619-236-6999 fax

Councilmember Michael Zucchet 202 C Street, MS #10A San Diego CA 92101

619-236-6622, 619-236-6996 fax

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