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The Nutrition and Violence Connection In light of the recent school shootings in Newtown, Connecticut, it is vital to take a holistic overview. There is no one cause for a happening like this. Violent behavior is rooted in unbalanced brain chemistry, but what causes that? Read more on page 4.


Liposomal Vitamin C: The “New” C Vitamin C is one of the most effective, popular and safest nutrients in the world. The science behind its many benefits is solid. Top researchers have concluded that vitamin C is required to live longer, healthier lives. While we’ve relied on various ascorbic formulas for our supplemental needs for decades, a new vast improve- ment has opened up with liposomal vitamin C! Read more on page 5.


You Can Overcome Chronic Fatigue! As a health practitioner for over two decades, the most common issues I see with people every day have to do with energy problems, commonly called Chronic Fatigue. People are flat out exhausted and don’t know what to do about it. Read more on page 11.

diabetes... The Gerson Way An Exclusive Interview with Charlotte Gerson By Mike Bundrant


When Charlotte Gerson was 12, her father, Max Gerson, MD, healed her tuberculosis, which was

considered a death sentence at the time. Now at age 90, Charlotte is the leading authority on what has become known and celebrated worldwide as Gerson Therapy.

So it was with great enthusiasm that I took the op- portunity to speak with Charlotte about her book, Healing Diabetes: The Gerson Way.

Mike Bundrant: I understand Gerson Therapy of- fers hope for people suffering from diabetes.

Charlotte: Yes. It is eminently curable. Usually, all immediate problems, blood sugar problems, go away within five to eleven days.

Mike Bundrant: Five to eleven days? Charlotte: Yes sir.

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Mike Bundrant: Even a full-blown case of type 2 dia- betes?

Charlotte: Yes sir. The majority of people with diabetes have type 2. Now the thing with type 2 is that at least a good portion of insulin is still in the blood stream.


there, so why are peo- ple are suffering from it? The mere fact that it’s in the bloodstream

doesn’t mean anything. It needs to be used. Where is insulin being used? In every cell of your body!

It has to be transported into the cell by insulin re- ceptors. Now, the insulin receptors pick up the in- sulin when it is delivered to the cell. However, in diabetics those receptors are blocked. What are they blocked by? Cholesterol!

Cholesterol creates a blockage to the insulin recep- tors in every cell of your body. Now, where does this cholesterol come from? The animal products you eat. Cholesterol is only carried into the body by animal products. In other words, meat, fish and cheese and chicken and eggs. Egg yolk is almost completely cholesterol. If you don’t use animal products, you’re not getting the harmful choles- terol.

Can’t you figure it out? Let’s say you have beauti- ful TV set and you have a good power outlet. You want to plug it in, but there’s a metal plate block- ing it. You can’t get it plugged into to the recep- tors. How are you going to get power to your TV set? It’s not going to work.

Mike Bundrant: Even though you have all the components you need, if they’re not connected, they’re not going to work.

Charlotte: Yes, you have the components, but they’re blocked from going

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