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then so was a talking frog! Were these changes necessary? What long-term effect would they have on her as a person? She so desperately wanted to hold on to the dream that she could rescue her one and only Prince Charming and live happily ever after with him. Logically, all this just didn’t add up. But her heart had her chained to the frog, and it was a bond she felt unable to break. She made the changes the frog stipulated. In short, she

tried to become a ‘frogess’ rather than retain her royalty. Her beautiful dresses became torn and stained with slime. Thoughts of all her friends and family, the palace comforts, games of croquet and tennis, her flower garden, the pure enjoyment of just being herself, would sometimes swamp her, and she would often quietly weep inside her carriage. In fact, she was spending more and more time weeping and wailing than laughing, becoming increasingly restricted in doing the things she enjoyed. She felt like she was losing herself, but it was at these times she also saw sparkles and glimpses of the prince inside the slime – for the reality was there was a prince inside … just not her prince. Back at the castle the king and queen became anxious. Their

She tried to become a ‘frogess’ rather than retain her royalty.

daughter was headstrong and not to be persuaded to stay in the castle. They were accustomed to her need for independence and striving to be a modern woman so waited for some time before becoming alarmed. “We must go and find her and make sure all is well,” they

chorused. 11

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