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call it quits while he was ahead. She really should do the same, as he told her at the start – go back to the palace. With a hop and a splash the pond enveloped him. Bewildered, the Princess went and slumped down under a

tree. She pulled her knees up to her chest and cried. Now she was confused. Surely he should know by now if she was the princess for him, and if he didn’t, what more could she do? She was soon to find out. A few days later the Frog Prince was sitting outside the

Princess’s carriage. This is unusual behaviour, thought the Princess when she opened her carriage door. Normally she had to go and find him. “I have decided,” FP stated

Surely he should know by now if she was the princess for him, and if he didn’t what more could she do?

emphatically, “that the problem may be you. You may need to make some changes in order for me to want to kiss you.

From now on I will choose what you wear, how you act and what you think. If your opinion differs from mine you are to keep it to yourself. No more loud laughter as this embarrasses me and disrupts the other pond dwellers. You will wear the pink dress today as it is more feminine than the riding pants you have been wearing lately. I am well aware of the fact you won’t be able to do some of the things you enjoy, because of the dress, but these changes need to take place if this has any chance of working.” Staggered by the frog’s brusqueness and the repercussions

these changes would make on her as a person, the Princess was completely speechless. She found it all hard to believe, but


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