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can reverse the spell. Unfortunately, I can only have one kiss, because once I kiss a princess I have to marry her, and naturally I only want to do that if I truly love her. I don’t want a princess to have to wait around for me at a pond, but I need her to spend time with me to make sure I love her. I’m so confused.” After a lot of thought the

Princess replied, “I don’t mind staying at the pond for a while if it means I can help you become the prince you should be. I think being friends first is really important.” “I don’t know. I’m a bit of a loner, and one of my friends

I’d almost rather stay a frog than take that sort of risk.

made the mistake of kissing the wrong princess and is now a miserable wreck of a man,” the frog explained. “I’d almost rather stay a frog than take that sort of risk.” With that, he sobbed some more before turning and diving

into the murky depths of the pond. “How awful,” exclaimed the Princess to herself. “To be

stuck as a frog for the rest of his life. I’ve got to help him.” She called out, “Come back,” before splashing into the

water after him. No frog. Disappointed, she heaved her skirts up and

went back to her carriage to change. Once warm and dry, she pulled a blanket up over her shoulders and fell into a restless sleep. The croaking of frogs awoke her the next morning,

reminding her she was at the pond, not at the palace. Sleepily she opened her carriage door and peered out, hoping to catch


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