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After ordering the servants to load up provisions of food

and clothing, she clambered towards the driver, informing him he was not needed. The bewildered man had barely dismounted before there was a flick of the reins and the wheels were turning. She was off on her new venture to find her prince. Warnings of leaving the palace and travelling alone

reverberated through her romance-craving mind, but she shrugged them off and set her sights even more on the challenge of going against tradition. It wasn’t long before she felt peckish and stopped to have

a picnic near a small pond. She had scarcely eaten her lunch when she heard a croaky voice. “Poor me, poor me, I am so alone and cursed.” Alarmed but strangely entranced, the Princess peered

through the sunlight in the direction of the lamenting voice. She got up gingerly and moved closer and closer, listening intently to the sobs. She edged around the pond looking closely at the lily pads, on which, to her absolute amazement, sat a howling frog. Aside from the fact she had never experienced a talking

amphibian, the tears tugged at her heartstrings, so clearing her throat and feeling somewhat foolish she squeaked, “What’s the matter, frog?” The frog spun around on

Only the kiss of a real princess can reverse the spell.


the pad in fright. He stared at the princess in front of him and croaked, “An evil witch

has cast a spell over me and some of my friends. She changed us from princes to frogs, and only the kiss of a real princess

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