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Yes, there are many other self-help books out there describing how

to succeed in your love life. They outline scenario after scenario you can place yourself in, or describe rules to help in the dating game – I’ve read many of them. I found learning all these set rules awkward, and I didn’t quite fit into many of the scenarios described. I wanted something easy yet effective, and I found it, want to share it and am excited about it working as well for you as it did for me. In order to clearly outline my theory of knowing the difference,

I have divided this book into three parts. Part One is my adapted version – really my complete rewriting of the fairy tale, ‘The Frog Prince’. Part Two outlines my unfortunate experience with a frog (a man not in love with me) and the slippery, slimy skid of degradation that followed. Part Three outlines how I managed to claw and scrape my way out of the mucky pond (recover from the heartbreak), get back on my horse (recover my life) and plant myself back in my palace (restore who I was as a person), in preparation for the arrival of my Prince Charming (a man who was in love with me, and me with him). Yet there is more; the plot thickens. Knowing the difference

between a man in love and a man who’s not isn’t just about finding the love of your life; it’s not just about you and him. Many women want the next step in the life cycle – reproduction – to become a mother and start the career that rocks their world and forever changes them. Many women don’t have time on their side in the race against their biological clock; it keeps ticking whether Mr Right shows up or not. What a disaster and huge price to pay if a woman spends years on a man not in love with her and then misses out on motherhood as well! It is my dream that my mistake and following recovery may help other women stay well clear of the pond and never leave their palace. Dear fellow Princess, let’s begin the journey to your fairy-tale

ending! xi

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