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If you are like most girls (women), you will have, or have had, the fairy- tale dream that one day Prince Charming will gallop into your life, sweep you off your feet and treat you like a princess. You will then live happily ever after in relationship bliss. Sickly, I know, especially if you’ve experienced Mr Wrong! When my heart was shattered by the retreating form of the man I loved, I was left with the searing question: How was I going to avoid repeating the experience? I had invested over three years of my life pursuing a mirage. I was faced with the dilemma of becoming a cynical single, on one side, or vulnerable to repeating the hideous experience again on the other – could my heart and head handle another rejection? Knowing the old heartbreak situation was not unique to me, I

devoured book after book on courtship in order to try to find the answer, try to find the formula for staying on solid ground and avoiding romantic, relational death on either side. I desperately wanted to stay on the path leading to marriage and ecstatic happiness. What I discovered was so profound and yet so simple. Movies touched on it, and psychologists even described it, but in so much psychological jargon and so clinically it couldn’t be understood by the average person, let alone be applied to real life. When I shared my insight with people, they all begged me to hurry up and write it, so they too could fully absorb and then apply it to their own unique situation – try to make sense of their current, relational havoc.


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