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tests and tech for triathletes

TriTown — A place to access triathlon gear, instruction and the latest training technology in Hyde Park, Boise.


By Laura Wolstenholme Photo Courtesy TriTown

t seems Boise is a little crazy over the triathlon. We have at least 10, and there are more events in wider Idaho. Yet a triathlon store seems to beg the question, why?

The answer is easy: A triathlon is a single sport, not three sports stuck together. Antonio Gonzalez, co-owner of the Hyde Park business, TriTown, explains that triathlon success comes by effectively blending and training for the three sports together, not training individually for each sport.

Triathlete gear is specialized too, and difficult to find. And Antonia adds, triathletes as a breed are “always training for a race.” They need a place to share questions and get coaching. So TriTown is a perfect fit for an important niche in Boise.

The triathlon is the fastest growing sport in the world right now. The sport’s popularity, says Antonio, stems in part from its non-competitive ethos; there’s never a distinct winner or loser. He says “it’s more about personal development than how many people did I crush.” Also, he adds, the sport gets a lot of “burnt-out” athletes from the individual sports of swimming, running and cycling.

Walk into TriTown, and you’ll find gear, of course, but also coaching and performance evaluation for new and experienced triathletes. Antonio and co-owner Harold Frobisher are both exercise physiologists and experienced triathletes.

This past October, TriTown was represented in the notorious Ironman held in Hawaii. His 6th Ironman, Harold competed along with four athletes coached through TriTown.


TriTown offers a unique performance test found nowhere else in the Treasure Valley. A tiny drop of blood is taken from an athlete’s finger while he or she is cycling or running, and the lactate level

in the blood is measured. This measurement, along with the athlete’s speed and heart rate, is graphed and analyzed, giving detailed information about the optimum pace, time and distance for training. It’s a way of efficiently using training time with maximum results.

Being in Hyde Park puts TriTown at the nexus of athletic activities, and they love it, confirms Antonio. It’s right next to the foothills for cycling and running, close to Hill Road and Cartwright for cycling, and not too far from Boise State and the YMCA swimming pools. Also, Hyde Park has always had a bicycle shop and they are proud to carry on this tradition, though as stated on TriTown’s website, with a twist.

It’s the off-season now, and it might seem logical to expect Tri- Town to be in low gear. Hardly. Hibernation is not allowed here. Now, in the frost and cold, is the optimum time to train for the Boise’s 2013 triathlons.


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