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NEWSLETTER _______________________________August 2012

President’s Message By Natalie Bertsch, RHIT

Greetings to everyone!

It’s hard to believe summer is already on the downhill slide and the children will be back in school soon! As we all know, in preparation there are school supplies and clothes to buy, new athletic spikes and uniforms, school physicals to schedule and of course all the preparations that go into getting students back on proper sleep schedules and their “back to school” mentality. School is not here yet, but we’ve got to prepare – it’s not that far away.

The same could be said for all the new changes coming with ICD-10, the Affordable Care Act and the list goes on. We as Health Information Management and other associated professionals have to stay vigilant and be prepared in our ever changing healthcare world. There is a lot we need to learn in order to accomplish.

Since the decision was handed down in February of 2012 by HHS Secretary Kathleen G. Sebelius, AHIMA and many healthcare providers and organizations have spoken out against further delay while encouraging all affected to continue to educate necessary staff and prepare for the upcoming changes we all still believe will transpire. As of yet, we have heard of no official implementation date, however, AHIMA and other organizations have encouraged the healthcare community as a whole to continue to prepare for ICD-10.

After the Supreme Court upheld the majority of the Affordable Care Act in late June 2012, we saw hospital stocks rise and health insurance stock plummet simultaneously. This is telling for what is to come for hospitals that often had to bear the brunt and cost of uninsured individuals. With the upholding of the Affordable Care Act, expansion of insurance coverage to some 30 million more Americans will occur while health insurance companies will now be responsible

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