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Issue 55 December 2012 Vision Takes Shape in the Heart of Heeley

Run, Jump, Climb and Clamber...


ny visitors to the park in recent weeks can’t have failed to notice the exciting

changes that have taken place! As the re- development of the park reaches its final stages our parks team have been busily working alongside local contractors to install some amazing new features - read more on page 4.

Exciting Progress at Anns Grove

redevelopment of the first building. Spencer Block, the biggest building on site is still shrouded in scaffold but is unrecognisable inside. With all the establishment and preparation works complete,

O “

Above: Local climber’s first ascent of the latest new feature.

truly on the map. Why don’t you let us know what you think? We’d love to hear from you.


Email or drop us a line at the Trust offices.

Swings Stolen On the weekend of 1st/2nd of December, 2 of the swings were stolen from the playground. If anyone knows their whereabouts, please get in touch.

hese features truly give the park the ‘wow’ factor and put Heeley well and

been involved along the way for a tour of the site and the Park. We were joined by Trustees of Heeley Development Trust as well.


t was really good to see other people getting as excited as us about the quality

of the work and potential this project offers our community. This is what a few of our visitors said:

“Walking around the former Anns Grove School and the Millennium Park just shows you what hard work and persistence from volunteers and voluntary organisations, such as as Heeley Development Trust, can

1 New Heeley Voice December 2012 Issue 55

Above: Trust Manager Andy Jackson shows councillors the refurbishment work at Anns Grove.

It was great to see the enthusiasm, vision and high quality work in the heart of Heeley.

the project has really taken off and, most exciting of all the new steel staircase – a real feature in the building was installed last week (November21st).

n October we were lucky to be able to invite local councillors and officers who have

achieve. Local councillors from the South Community Assembly were all impressed with the potential of the former school site to become a Business and Community Hub.” Martin Hughes, South Community Assembly Manager

“Thanks very much for showing us the impressive work going on in the old school and in the park area down the hill. It was great to see the enthusiasm, vision and high quality work in the heart of Heeley. So, very well done so far!” Cllr Steve Jones


One of the original building features being restored at Anns Grove.

and will be adding news and photos soon (Thanks to local volunteer Claire Taylor for all her hard work


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on this) you can see more at http://annsgrovecommunityhub. 0114 2500613

e have updated our website

ctober was the halfway point in the

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