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Holiday Gift Guide SUNDAY, DECEMBER 2, 2012

Trends Continued from page 6

Traditional nativity scenes are a popular item in home decor, and have made a comeback in recent years in high-end sets.You can find simple ones that will delight a child at a dollar store, and the Bethlehem scene of the first Christmas is also found in pieces of art for the most discriminating with higher price tags. Besides home decor items, small appliances and kitchen tools are popular Christmas gifts. “Kuraidori food servers are

walking off the shelves,” said Hilland, explaining that they are a food storage system equipped with pumps to get the air out of the container, so food lasts longer. Personal coffee makers are high on the list of favourites —you know —those new coffee makers that produce just one cup at a

time, but do it in seconds and ex- actly to your taste. What coffee- drinker wouldn’t want to find that under the tree?

Speaking of the tree, that’s still the centre of our efforts to spruce up the home for the Christmas season.Whether we go for a nat- ural tree, a cultured tree, or one of the wide variety of artificial trees, we often make it the focal point of our home decor. Trees this year are trending to slim lines.Maybe it’s a reaction against our national obesity prob- lem that we want even our Christmas trees to be slim. Maybe it reflects the fact that our homes are more compact, and we don’t have a lot of space for a huge tree. The slim trees fit nicely into corners, and tend to portray the full Christmas look when they reach to the ceiling.

A trend that doesn’t change is our desire to surround ourselves and our loved ones with the beau- ty of Christmas and its meaning.

Tree lighting tips Lighting a Christmas tree may seem like child’s play,

but time and again people struggle with the task. Untangling wires and wrapping them around boughs can be nerve wracking, but lighting a tree doesn’t have to be a chore when you follow some tips from the pro- fessionals. First, keep in mind that wrapping lights around the tree horizontally is more work and often doesn’t pro- duce a multi-dimensional effect. Rather, string the lights from the trunk up to the top, working vertically. This is actually how the tree decorators at Rockefeller Center in New York City do the famous tree year after year. This method helps eliminate tangled wires and empty spots. Remember to plug in the strands of lights before you begin to check for burnt-out bulbs and to adjust the spacing of lights to prevent dark spots. Think about varying light bulb sizes to add more di- mension. String an inner layer of small LED white lights to pro- duce an inner glow on the tree before adding larger, colored lights on top to increase visual appeal. Just be sure to match the same wattage of the lights so you do not have power surges and can prolong the life of the bulbs.

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