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Holiday Gift Guide SUNDAY, DECEMBER 2, 2012

3 Trees for the taking By Dorothy Brotherton

We trudged up the mountainside, puff- ing and red-cheeked, sinking to our knees in snow with every step, following Dad who carried the axe and hand-saw. He had specific ideas about a good

Christmas tree. It must be full but not fat, tall and straight, with evenly-spaced branches. My brother and sisters and I pointed out trees six or eight times taller than our living room. Our sense of per- spective wasn’t well developed. Our role consisted mainly of climbing the mountain in enthusiastic support, not getting lost, making snow angels and waging snowball fights.

I don’t remember specific homely con- DOROTHY BROTHERTON

Colour themes, such as red and silver, are trendy for trees.

versations. But I can still hear the tone of our chatter—ordinary, uncontrived, with the ease of a family that didn’t know this kind of happiness is so very unconven- tional.

I remember the sharpness of snow im-

pacted around my boots and mitten tops. I remember the hush of the forest, the echo of my brother’s voice that made him seem surprisingly small. Loads of snow fell, swoosh-plop, as we shook the branches. When I wandered off by myself, I stopped to listen to the stillness, broken only by Mom’s faraway voice calling to us not to go out of her sight. Dad made his choice and we headed

back to the car, him pulling the big tree like a sled. It began to snow, and you could lift your face and receive soft wet snow kisses. Families don’t haul home the Christmas tree from the forest much anymore. Ecologically and logistically it could be a problem if everyone did. Even in my long- ago childhood, we only trekked to the mountains with an axe on a couple of Christmases.

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A variety of handmade and imported Christmas decorations, gifts, baking and curios. Mostly imported from Germany, you will find the same qual- ity and selection that you would find at the world famous ‘Christkindl’ Market in Nuremberg, Germany.

Located in the courtyard in front of the Gasthaus Pub in Peachland. Open 7 days a week, 11-8 until December 24. 250-767-6625

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