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3 tips for enjoying the festive ride


The Holidays. Busy shopping malls, cheesy festive music, the hauling of decorations from spider-riddled areas of the house, snow, snow angels, winter driving, frost on windows, cold hands, drippy noses. What does the experience of the holiday season mean to you? Perhaps warm feelings of nostalgic traditions, hot chocolate with marshmallows, candy canes, weight gain and, oh yes, new year’s resolutions. One thing I experience is that nothings brings on reflection like the holidays. I think more about all things family, more about what I have done in the last 12 months, what I could have done differ- ently and where I am in comparison to where I feel I should be. This reflection, accompanied with incredible amounts of sugar and

busy-ness, can make the holidays feel more like a emotional roller coaster ride than a relaxing time of holiday fun. Sorrow, love, gratitude, loss, happiness and remembrance sur-

face like bobbing apples in water. It really is a magical and spiritually moving time. As a momma of three girls, I am also focused on setting the stage

for a most wonderful holiday experience for my family. Ugh. More pressure. I think back to “how my Mom did it” and find myself wishing I had spent less time eating and more time learning how she made our traditional potato doughnuts.They were so good. Work, personal expectations, expectations from those around us (perceived and real), emotional triggers, candy and the chaos of the season can all combine to manifest a less than cheery fes- tive experience. Not the intended result! Remind yourself that the holidays are a time to experience joy, to celebrate life, to love and to embrace gratitude. Here are three tips for doing just that with your family. RE-EVALUATE


Must the butter tarts be homemade? Do you really need that many appies at the open house?

Most often we are the creators of our own anxiety and stress.

Take a few minutes to re-evaluate your expectations. In what ways can you can operate differently this holiday sea- son to make life easier for everyone? Ask yourself: Are the expec- tations you have for yourself and others working for you? If you are living with frustration and anxiety during the festive season, it’s time for one of two things: adjustments to what you expect and do – or acceptance of what you can not change. Sometimes it’s the small, and often super transformative, tweaks

to your mindset that can make all the difference.Try to give your- self a break and remember that you are doing the best you can. HAVE FUN

I share this basic but often overlooked advice in almost every session I offer (from kids to corporate programs).We are so busy DOING we disconnect from BEING in the moment.Turn up Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree and dance with your kids. Get silly. Invite magic into the season with the help of your imagination and your childrens’ authentic desire to spend time with fun Mom and Dad.

I can gurantee they will remember your silly dance moves over a super clean house and cooked just right turkey every time. THE REAL 3G NETWORK:

GENUINE GENEROSITY & GRATITUDE Our kids learn from who we are and what we do. As a family,

brainstorm creative ideas on how you can help others at this spe- cial time of year. Kids love, love, love to be a part of something that feels so good.

Plus, generosity feeds gratitude.When family members unite to lift others up, cohesiveness grows.You become a formidable team of united values and purpose.These are all good things. So open up a box of chocolates, grab a pen and paper and start thinking about how you and your kids can do good this Christmas. May the twinkling lights of your Christmas tree fill your home with

risha Miltimore is an international speaker, broadcaster and mompreneur based in Kelowna.

excitement, family and love. Above all else, worry less and enjoy more. Happy Holidays. T

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