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The Internet and social media sites are great ways for

families to stay connected. But do you know how to navi- gate through the risks online to keep your family safe? Parents are reminded of the need to

Safety first on the Internet

be aware of what to watch out for when their kids are on the Internet – viewing inappropriate material, sexual exploita- tion and cyberbullying, as well as frauds and scams. Instilling real-world judge- ment and online etiquette in your kids can go a long way in keeping your whole family safe. Internet and social media safety tips: * Think twice before posting informa-

tion and/or photographs. Once online, information is out of your control and cannot be retracted. * Talk to kids about the dangers of sharing excessive in-

formation. If advertising that a family is on holiday by writ- ing on the front door or living room window is not OK, why put that type of information online for the world to see? * Lying about an age can result in your child receiving

advertisements directed to an older audience. * Remind youth that cyberbullies feed on negativity.The best way to make cyberbullying stop is to ignore the online bullying environment and report it in the real world to school or authorities. * Parents shouldn't be afraid to venture into social media.

You may want to take this on with your kids and learn to- gether how to navigate the content safely. This will help you get to know what your kids are doing online. Encourage "cool-down" times and putting away devices when opportunities for family time arise. * Don't make your passwords obvious and change them frequently.

Who’s Ready For Something Different?

We specialize in making learning fun. Our curriculum has been trusted in the Calgary area with thousands of families in helping prepare their children for success in grade school. We offer programs for infants, toddlers, preschool as well as kindergarten age care.

We believe that healthy learning begins with healthy eating. We offer full meal plans and a menu certified by a Registered Dietitian, providing our children with 85% of their recommended daily nutritional intake. All of our food is made in-house, from scratch and fresh daily.

As technology becomes more prevalent in our society, we have embraced the benefits and have integrated the use of technology into our classrooms. With limited screen time, our children are utilizing touch screen computers and educational programming to learn arithmetic, vocabulary and literacy.

We welcome you and your family to book an appointment with our Centre today to learn how we could be the perfect playground for your child’s learning.

Lawrence Avenue Learning Centre & Childcare

Lawrence Avenue Learning Centre 1370 Lawrence Avenue Kelowna, BC 250-800-2772

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1200 Leathead Rd., Kelowna, B.C. 491-2475 4,000 Cash Back 2013 HIGHLANDER KELOWNA TOYOTA DL #5134

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