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Holiday Gift Guide SUNDAY, DECEMBER 2, 2012


Keurig single-serve coffee mak- er.

Something smart, colourful or practical Y

By STEVE MacNAULL The Okanagan Sunday

our wife would look good in that hot pink jacket.

She also probably wants a platinum

Ladies: you can’t go wrong get- ting your guy a big smart TV. And both men and women will appreciate the latest gadgets un- der the tree from a smart phone, pocket size digital single lens re- flex camera, tablet, laptop or iPod.

“Electronics are the ticket,” said Derek Shaw when summa- rizing what the hot Christmas gifts are this year.

Of course, he’s biased — he’s the manager of Andre’s Electronics Experts’ flagship store on Springfield Road in Kelowna.

But he’s right nevertheless. “There’s so much great tech- nology out there,” said Shaw. “Electronics’ evolution means you get more features for less money. Electronics is great like that.”

Smart TVs, the latest genera- tion in high-definition LED or plasma , are sleeker and, well, smarter than ever.

Of course you can watch TV, a DVD or Blu-ray on it, but you can also hook it up to a PVR (personal video recorder) to record and watch whatever you want whenever you want — and don’t forget the game console. And if you add a keyboard and Internet connection you can use your TV as a big and bold com- puter.

The Samsung Passion Series smart TV seems to be the leader in this category.

They’re called smart phones now, not cellphones, because these everything-in-one devices are just so smart.

Sure, make a phone call on GARY NYLANDER/The Okanagan Sunday

one, but also text and use it as a mobile, handheld computer for web surfing, email, apps and camera.

While the iPhone is much- hyped, Andre’s sells twice as many Samsung smart phones as iPhones.

“The cameras on smart phones are so good now that they’ve ba- sically wiped out the market for low-end point and shoot cameras and camcorders,” says Shaw. “That means the digital cam- era market is now focused on re- ally good $300 and up point and shoots and and DSLRs (digital single lens reflex cameras you can change lens on).”

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The ’80s are back — sort of — with jackets in more tasteful neon hues of pink, purple and bright blue, according to SportChek Kelowna clothing manager Vallerie Byrne.

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Karen Middlemiss of London Drugs shows off a platinum Keurig single-serve coffee machine.

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