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Holiday Gift Guide SUNDAY, DECEMBER 2, 2012

Create your own gift-wrapping station By Metro Creative

presents sustain the suspense of the treasure beneath the paper. In addition, there’s something spe- cial for recipients when a gift is adorned in ribbon and bows. However, the average gift giver cannot recreate Santa’s wrapping room when the time comes to wrap gifts. But a person may be able to fashion a compact wrap- ping station in a seldom-used cor- ner.


Many people long to have an area where they can create wrap- ping magic for holiday gifts, birth- day presents and other tokens of

anta’s workshop likely devotes an entire floor to gift wrap, ribbon, bows and bags. Intricately wrapped

appreciation throughout the year. However, with limited space, tall rolls of gift paper may have been stashed in the back of a closet or tucked under a bed, making them inconvenient to use once it is time to wrap gifts. With just a few feet of space, anyone can create a com- pact gift wrapping station that, while free of fancy bells and whis- tles, has all that’s needed to get the job done.

The first step in creating your wrapping station is to find a spot that is out of the way but enables you to easily keep inventory of pa- per and ribbons. The back of a door or behind the door often pro- vides adequate space to store sup- plies, and the width of a door might be the right size for the av- erage roll of wrapping paper. If the door is too narrow, the rolls can be

can generally yield what you need. Wooden dowels are an inexpen- sive yet valuable supply. Rolls of wrapping paper can be slid on the dowels and hung horizontally on hooks protruding from a door or wall. For a vertical installation, make a wooden frame the width and length that will be needed. Drill holes in the frame on the top and bottom through which the dowels can be fed.

hung vertically instead of horizon- tally. Fortunately, gift wrap is nar- row and doesn’t take up much space on its own. Therefore, it usu- ally can be tucked into a corner.

Also, you just may have enough scrap materials around the house to use to build your wrapping sta- tion. If not, a trip to the hardware store or home improvement center

Then drill small holes on the ends of the dowels. Use cabinet door handles or drawer pulls on the end that are wider than the holes made in the wooden frame. This way the drawer pulls can be unscrewed at the top to remove the dowels and refill with a fresh roll of paper.

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