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Habitat Nepal Everest Build Diary

by Bjorn

Day -1: Help! Everything’s going wrong! Tooth ache yesterday – by luck my dentist is sick so emergency appointment with Peter. Looks in my mouth: Peter - “I think we’ll have it out, shall we? Or would you rather we used pliers in Nepal?” Me – “Aaaagh!” So out it pops! Sore gum! Forgot to take malaria pills, oh, well! Then watch stops, rush to Swindon, rusted solid! Need a new one! Then the car starts to flash and engine races – tear off the garage. Something to do with the computer – hopefully sorted! Am I really ready? God knows!

Day 0: Left home 8.30am and drive to Glyn’s. Carol drives us to the Park & Ride in Oxford. Bus costs £19.00 single!!! Long wait at airport – an enormous burger with Clive and Glyn. Aisle seat to Doha – flight uneventful. Doha airport teeming. Follow C&G in search of coffee and sat listening to G’s undertaker stories. His Dad was an undertaker – “anyway the gravedigger goes off to check the grave with whole entourage waiting and promptly has a heart attack and pitches into the empty grave – dead!” So wander back to gate – nothing happening so sit around then it dawns that everyone else is on board – nearly miss the flight – right pickle that would have been! Read on flight – no sleep.

Day 1: Arrive Kathmandu airport at 8.00am – chaos! Can’t find my bag. Glyn loses luggage label and isn’t allowed through – much discussion. Peter and Ali there to meet us. Ancient bus to hotel. Streets in Kathmandu, much like India except no tuktuks – sights and chaotic sounds, dust, rubbish, half finished buildings – but, no cows! Once out of city – green rice paddy hills, beautiful mountain vistas. Climb to shambolic town of Dhulikel, followed by long descent along the main road to China – think, a steep windy B-road with constant traffic, noise and pot holes. Lovely lodge style hotel with rooms perched on side of steep slope. Sunny weather. I have a large double bed all to myself!!! Shower then first Everest beer, cost £4!! No money so Peter paid.

Excellent buffet lunch then briefing. Back to room to unpack and off to opening ceremony. One hour on the bus on those roads again. The whole of historic Durbar Square is set with tables. Endless speechifying followed by stultifying Nepali fashion show and dancing. Nod off at the table. Woken by few drops of rain. Queue for meal stretches round the square – lots of curry and dhal to choose from. Ha! G couldn’t hack the lime pickle! Phone Sue then bed.

Day 2: Up at 5.30am – breakfast on terrace with Nigel and Ali. Urgent briefing or “Breaking News” as they say – bird flu outbreak in Kathmandu. Departure for Build scheduled for

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