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We now have 88 'friends' on Facebook.

 About 25% of those are club members or family of members, sharing in our news and achievements and possibly even learning something new

 33 are men and women local to Faringdon. I cannot help but feel excited that these people are beginning to understand more about our club and our wonderful organisation.

 19 are Rotarians from the UK and quite a few Rotarians from around the world – through Facebook we can support, encourage and learn from one another. We can share ideas. Our planned Duck Race in 2013 will happen with the help of one of the Swindon Rotary Clubs who have a Facebook page solely dedicated to their annual duck race which raises c £10,000 a year – they are kindly lending us their ducks!

 10 are from local organisations such as Faringdon Youth Centre, Cotswold Wildlife Park, Faringdon Neighbourhood Plan and Go Active Vale.

Facebook is allowing us to network and inform. It is a form of public relations and a ‘shop window’ on what we do. There is a misconception among some people that we are an organisation of ‘funny hand shakes’ (heaven forbid!). Facebook is one way of sharing our achievements and the work we can do within our community and the wider world.

Even the biggest and some of the best businesses have to keep adapting to be ahead of the game and an organisation such as ours is no different.

If any member would like guidance on setting up a Facebook account, or would just like help viewing the club page I would be happy to help.

Sarah Benson

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