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Interact have been up to lots since our last instalment!

Many of us have recently returned from a trip from Uganda, the recent ‘International Project’ we donated to. It was great to see the money at work, as we were able to open a computer lab whilst we were over there. This gave us assurance and confidence in knowledge that the money given will help to fund many more projects to help the student’s education, and encourage them to achieve their goals.

After giving to our recent international project in Uganda, we were overcome by the effect it was having and we simply wanted to do more to help. So it was a unanimous vote to give to yet another charity. The decision was that we should ‘Adopt a village’ with the chosen place being ‘Papa New Guinea, the choice of charity is in correspondence to ‘Rotarians against Malaria’.

After our trip abroad we now have a full understanding of the significance that Malaria can have on someone’s life. About 3.3 billion people – half of the world's population, are at risk of malaria, and if we can do anything to reduce this we feel like it is a worthy cause.

We are also hard at work on events and ideas closer to home. Our plans for a charity gig this December 5th are really starting to come together! We have hired out the Faringdon Community College hall, and the musicians and bands (including interact members) are constantly signing up! With special performances from none other than President (Jack Bellerby) and Vice President (George) this really will be an

event not to be missed. We will be serving refreshments a.k.a Krispy Kreme throughout the evening and selling tickets at the door (price t.b.c).

Whilst it is still November some of us are already stating that it is in fact the start of Christmas (I include myself in this, as it is only roughly about 42 sleeps till the 25th). In line with this we have now sorted the Thomas rota, and we are all very excited to be involved with such a thing, as we all remember having Thomas and Santa knocking on our front door when we were younger. So be prepared for some 17/18 year olds to be transformed into 10 years olds whilst hanging out on Thomas with Father Christmas.

Some of the senior Interact members also travelled to Kennet School, Thatcham to help set up their 1st interact group; they were met with two Thatcham Rotarians and some very eager students. Our members were able to give some very valid advice, and helped to raise awareness and interest about the group.

By telling them of our story and as to how we got started we feel we have set up a strong and permanent link between two very positive groups of young people. Gemma, Jack, George all said it enabled them to reflect on how far the Faringdon club had come, and that it was fantastic that they were now able to share their story with others in the hope that they too could do the same.

Paris Richardson Photo

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