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Project One – Senior Citizens Tea Party plus Concert at Wyvern Theatre The first project I became involved with was the senior citizens tea party, held at the community college. This was perfect for me as I have long believed that in the UK we do not do enough for our elderly people, everyone (it seems to me) concentrates on children’s charities and neglects the older population. So how great that the first project I am involved with is for the target group that I think needs supporting the most!

Project two – Litter Picking One of my bug bears is people dropping litter, we have a beautiful country and it does make me cross that people seem to not care about their environment. So project two was right up my street too, although in this case it was not the street where I live but the Coxwell Road out of Faringdon. So hopefully the people that saw us work would a) note that Rotary is helping the community b) have been happy with a tidier roadside and who knows maybe some of them will think twice in the future about dropping litter?

Project Three – Young people with learning difficulties visit to Burford Wildlife Park This was perhaps the most emotional project for me although I found the senior citizens tea party very touching too. The club organised a trip for about ten children to visit Burford Wildlife Park. It was fantastic to see how much pleasure the children got from this trip and extremely humbling too. These local projects have all been very rewarding in different ways, and I am sure that I will be involved with many more in the years ahead.

 So yes Rotary does indeed tick the box for helping out in the local community. I must not leave out the social aspects of the club as this is very important. I enjoyed the evening

at Clanfield Tavern to celebrate Glyn’s year as Club President and regret missing (because we were away on holiday) a few other social trips i.e. Oxford tunnels, the treasure hunt, and Coles Hill. Ahead I have my first Rotary Christmas party and also the Rotary conference in Bournemouth next March to look forward to.

I am putting in a plea please for more social stuff maybe in the weekly meetings, as I find it’s a great way to team build. One thing I have learnt in my first year with Faringdon and District Rotary Club is that if we are to get things done then team work is critical. I have also learnt that Faringdon and District Rotary Club make a great team.

I became a full member, admitted and inducted into the club on 21st March 2012. I am very proud to wear my badge.

Sue Lloyd New Club Member

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