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The wonderful smile on the face of Onita the lovely wife when she walked into her newly plastered living room. Nigel bullnecked staggering under a load of bricks that Onita does every day! The way he did a neat glide off a collapsing table and landed elegantly on his feet! (I had previously been balancing precariously on that table stacked on top of another one, finishing off the gable!)

Glyn the one-man Welsh dynamo bursting into song at the joy of plastering all day! Clive up to his knees in shit but still smiling! Linda bravely staggering down the slope covered in brick dust despite her painful knee. Ali as ministering angel and Peter ever in charge sternly insisting to the uncomprehending Nepali builder that Nigel’s splice was in the wrong place!

And me? Well, the memories will linger for a long. Bjorn Watson ______________________________________________________________________________________________

A New Members Introduction to Faringdon and District Rotary Club By Sue Lloyd

My husband Ian and I made a decision in January 2012 to join our local Faringdon and District Rotary club. We have friends who are Rotarians and Ian’s father had been a Rotarian, so we knew a little about Rotary but the decision to join was made after a dinner party discussion with our friends Mike and Angela Barrett and Ally and Nigel Lee.


I always feel privileged to live in such a pretty and friendly town like Faringdon. I am aware that there are diverse social economic differences between parts of the town, with social deprivation even for some families and that there is quite a lot of community work needed. We both started going to the Wednesday evening Faringdon and District Rotary meetings at the Bell Hotel Faringdon in January 2012. What struck me immediately was the very warm welcome people in the club gave me, I felt that the members were genuinely pleased to see me. I find the meetings very interesting and also relaxing.

So the boxes ticked have been:  Good company and new friends

 Interesting presentations and discussions  Good food  Relaxing

But what about the contributing to the local community bit? This aspect is very important to me as it is one if not the prime reason for me to join Rotary. I know Rotary does a lot for international aid projects which are obviously very worthwhile but I am more interested in helping at home. Partly because I feel you can see what you are contributing to but also I believe in looking after “family first”. So I relished the chance to help with the Faringdon and District Rotary club local projects:

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