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With the support of a research stipend that some used towards a course release, a small group of faculty

across the disciplines met weekly in a single quarter to dig deeply into a topic that they approached from differ- ent directions. In 2011-2012, Kriss Ravetto-Biagioli, as- sociate professor of Technocultural Studies, convened a Faculty Research Seminar titled “Surveillance and the Social Network,” to explore the growth of social net- working sites in relation to the numerous and dispersed surveillance technologies that permeate our everyday lives. The seven participants each arrived with specific topics ranging from nanotechnology and biosensing to the politics of atmosphere, the history and politics of sur- veillance, and the subversive practices of social networks. The variety of projects and approaches is one of the

most valuable aspects of the Faculty Research Seminar, according to Sunaina Maira, professor of Asian Ameri- can Studies. “Despite having a central theme, we’re do- ing many different types of projects and have different approaches,” said Maira. “All of this leads to original, creative, and unexpected entry points into the theme and into each other’s work.” Maira also emphasized the importance of making these connections: “Davis is a dispersed campus, and the seminar is one of the few spaces where we actually get to share each other’s work.”

THE SEMINAR’S PARTICIPANTS and their individUal projects A R E L I S T E D B E L O W

• Kriss Ravetto-Biagioli (Technocultural Studies), convener

• Lawrence Bogad (Theatre & Dance) “Satire, Surveillance and the States: a Performative Exploration”

• Tim Choy (Anthropology and Science & Technology Studies) “The Making of Political Atmosphere: Technoscience, Affect, and the Ontological Politics of Air”

• Jaimey Fisher (German & Russian) “Eavesdropping on the Past: Domestic Terrorism, Political Dissent, and Sur- veillance in Contemporary European Cinema”

• Caren Kaplan (American Studies) “The Visual Culture of Stealth: Deception and Detection Under Neoliberal Militarism”

• Sunaina Maira (Asian American Studies) “Surveillance Effects: Youth and ‘Radi- calization’ in the War on Terror”

• Colin Milburn (English) “Touching Little Things: Probe Microscopy as Surveil- lance Technology”

‘‘ 08 d h i . u c d a v i s . e d u

Davis is a dispersed campus, and the seminar is one of the few spaces where we actually get to share each other’s work.


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