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funds of southwest wisconsin stablishd in 2002

Platteville Community Fund E

e Asse 201120

ts: $50,542 - 12 Grn

at Awrds:$33,875 a

Includes funds overseen by advisory board: Robert & Marian Graham Community Fund Margaret S. Keizer Charitable Fund Platteville Farmers Market Coupon Fund Schneller-Tang Community Fund

Advisory Boar: d

Eileen Nickels, chair Louise Brockman Alison Bunte Karen Canny Nathan Curry Duane DeYoung

Do tions to the P tte il mae

na .

PHS Scholarship Fund E

Asse 20

stablishd in 2010 ts: $27,953 h rsh

e 12 Sc ola ip Awa : $68,150 rds

Dean Isaacson of the PHS Scholarship Fund Board with two of the 75 PHS Scholarship winners from the Class of 2012: Brittany Hirsch and Tisia Muzinga.

Includes funds overseen by advisory board: Helen Stoneman Brodbeck Scholarship Fund Dr. Emily Farnum Scholarship Fund Dean and Sue Isaacson Scholarship Platteville Educators Endowed Scholarship Fund Cindy Tang Scholarship Fund Gene and Jan Weber Scholarship Fund Platteville Consumers Cooperative Scholarship Elgie M. Ward Scholarship Fund Agnes “Tip” Ziegert Scholarship Fund Harry Ziegert Scholarship fund

Advisory Boar: d

Sheila Kelley, chair Dean Isaacson Jeff Jacobson Zehra Muslu Eileen Nickels

Do tions to the na

P S Sho rs y b .

H c la hip Fund ma e mae PO. Box 46,

ild to P ttvl , W la eile I 53818

Scholarship donor Mary Gershon gets a hug from PHS Endowment Scholarship Winner Jaxin Mackienruf.

James Schneller presents

scholarships to Tess Stecklein and Jesse Heer.

CFW gants and shoas ps fo S r c l rhi rm Suthwet Wso i o s 4 ic nsn to e tal d $2 38 8 i 0 1- 0 2 4 , 1 n 2 1 2 1 .

Matt Sexton Kelly Sponsler Cindy Tang Gene Weber Angie Wright

Cindy Tang of the PHS

Scholarship Fund Board presents a scholarship to Cagla Muslu.

la vle Co

Les Hollingsworth Cindy Tang Bill Van Deest Gene Weber Angie Wright

mmun ild to PO. Box 46, P ttvll, W ity Fund my ba e la eie I 53818

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