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funds of rock and walworth counties

Evansville Excellence in Education Fund E

Asse 201120

stablishd in 2006 ts:$16,886 - 12 Grn

e Advisory Boar:

at Awrds: $550 d


Cecile David Bill Kasten Troy Karkowski Mary Koeh Vince Maloney Tom Olson

stablishd in 2010 e Advisory Boar:

- 12 Grn d

Roger Roth Nancy Hurley, ex-officio Jerry Roth, ex-officio Doreen Treuden, ex-officio

Janesville Excellence in Education Fund E

Asse 201120

ts: Working toward endowment at Awrds: $6,152


Camilla Owen, chair Sandra Ardrey Tim Cullen Renee Dooman Dori MacFarlane

Susan Sellman Elizabeth Siegert Todd Sitter Karen Schulte, ex-officio

Janesville Multicultural Teacher Opportunities Scholarship Fund E

Asse 201120

stablishd in 2007 ts: $55,401 - 12 Sc ola

e Advisory Boar:

h rsh d

Tim Cullen, chair Greg Ardrey Jose Carrillo Edna Feldman- Schultz

Left to right:

Superintendent Karen Schulte, Jefferson

Elementary Teacher Jeff

Halverson, and

Janesville EIE Board Member Sandra Ardrey. Halverson

received a grant for equipment to

connect to the school’s iPads.

ip Awa rds: $35,815

Stephanie Kortyna Curt Parish Karen Schulte, ex-officio

Milton Fund E

e Asse 201120

stablishd in 1996 ts:$212,050 - 12 Grn

Advisory Boar:

Lisa McCue, chair

Kris Agnew Bob Albrecht Katie Arndt

at Awrds:$7,476 d


Jason Cowley Bob Cullen Beth Drew Betsy Lubke Theresa Rusch

Hand-Picked Bluegrass plays at one of a series of The Gathering Place Concerts in the Park sponsored by a grant from the Milton Fund.

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