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4 - November 16, 2012 | Hudson - Litchfield News

The Word Around Town... Letters to our Editor

Tank You for Your Support Tank you for your support by electing me as one of your Litchfield State

Representatives. I will work hard to address the difficult issues facing our state and its citizens over the next two years. Please feel free to contact me and provide your thoughts and ideas on the many issues facing our state. Should you believe I may be of any assistance, I can be reached at 889-7424 or e-mail me at I look forward to serving you.

Frank Byron, Litchfield

Hudson votes 6,683 for Romney, 5,451 for Obama

According to the NH SOS website, aspx, the voters of Hudson selected Romney over Obama by 1,232 votes, Bass over Kuster (6,025 Bass to 4,930 Kuster) and elected 10 Republican candidates out of the 11 positions for NH State Rep. Hudson also voted for all of the Republican candidates over the Democrat candidates in the Hillsborough County elections and five out of six of the Republican candidates were elected. Both parties put in a tremendous effort to get out their vote. I would like to thank all of the Republican volunteers that helped by knocking on doors, holding signs and acting as poll watchers. Election Day is a long day for our town moderator, town clerk, checklist supervisors and all of the election officials that hand out the ballots. Every voter in Hudson is indebted to all of those that work at the polls on Election Day. Te new few months will show us how those that were elected on

November 6 will work to make our county, state and nation better, or worse. Te so called experts, from both political points of view, will have lots to say

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about the outcome of the election. One thing that is abundantly clear to me is that my three kids will have nowhere near the economic opportunities over their lifetime that I had in mine. Tat, I am afraid, is the real outcome of the recent election.

Bryan Donovan, Chairman, Hudson Republican Committee, Hudson Ron Paul Only Savior for the Republicans

A slave ship, armed against pirates, was at sea when one of the slaves was able to seize a grenade. “Turn back, and set us free, or I will drop this grenade, which will break the hull and sink the ship.” Te captain replied, “If you do that, you will perish with us.” “What’s the difference?” asked the slave. “How is a lifetime of slavery any better than death?” Ron Paul supporters have demonstrated that we can and will sink the

Republican Party if our demands are not met. Te Republican Party big shots knew Mitt Romney was totally unacceptable to us, and no better than four more years of Obama. Republicans such as Charlie Bass and Frank Guinta are gone, defeated by

Democrats, while newcomer Kerry Bentivolio, a Ron Paul supporter won a U.S. House seat in Michigan. To beat the Democrats, the Republican Party must stand united, and that can only happen if the party unites behind supporters of the Ron Paul Revolution. Delay and denial will get you nowhere.

Tom Alciere, Hudson Knowles Tanks All for Teir Support

My sincere thanks to the voters of Hudson and Pelham for electing me once again to the House of Representatives. I will do my best to be worthy of the honor, and the responsibilities, with which you have entrusted me. I will be seeking your input and advice regarding the issues that matter in both our towns, and doing all I can to work cooperatively and congenially with the rest of the District 37 delegation.

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Te Litchfield Women’s Club would like to thank everyone in the community who contributed to the success of our annual blood drive on Saturday, November 10. Tere is always a critical need for blood during the holiday season and we are delighted to say that we exceeded the drive’s goal with over 66 potential donors and 56 usable pints of blood, four of which were double reds. Te blood drive remained open for an additional two hours to accommodate donors who arrived near the end of the scheduled time and we were happy to do so. Tank you to all of our members who worked at the event and those who contributed to our bountiful refreshment table. A big thank you to all! May the holiday season bring each of you many blessings.

Brenda Labrie, Sandy Vance and Robin Deschene, Chairwomen, Litchfield Women’s Club Blood Drive, Litchfield

Tanks to the Voters

from Representative Bob Haefner I would like to take the opportunity to thank the voters of Hudson and

Pelham for their confidence in me as one of your State Reps. I have always taken my job as one of your Reps seriously. I represent all of our residents in both Pelham and Hudson, whether or not you voted for me. Once elected we are not Republicans or Democrats but your Representatives. Should you want to make a request, or talk about legislation, call any of us. My email is and my phone is 889-1553. Tanks again for the vote.

Bob Haefner, Hudson ‘Takers’ Out Vote ‘Makers’ Te danger to America is not President Obama, but a citizenry capable

of entrusting a man like him with the presidency. It at one time was easier to limit and undo the follies of an Obama presidency than to restore the necessary common sense and good judgment to a depraved electorate willing to have such a man for their president. Now severe damage is done, and with four more years of the same leadership and worse, this great nation is virtually lost.

Te problem with America goes much deeper and is far more serious than

Mr. Obama, who is a mere symptom of what really ails this nation. Blaming the prince of the fools should not blind anyone to the vast alliance of fools that made him their prince. Te Republic can survive a Barack Obama, who is, after all, merely a fool. It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools, such as those who made him their president. Liberalism is an infection on nations that brings fools to power and is usually fatal to the nation.

Merilyn Carnes, Hudson Tank You For Voting Te election is over, the results are in, the fiscal problems persist and serious

work remains to be done. Tank you for your vote and your support last Tuesday. Te next legislative session will be difficult, time consuming and taxing. Tat is literally taxing based on the titles of “bills” submitted thus far and from what my friends on the opposing side of the aisle have told me. I greatly appreciate the honor and privilege of representing the people of Pelham and Hudson for 2013-2014. I will work with others in the delegation to prevent, as much as is possible, the increased spending, increased taxing and fee imposition that is about to hit us all. It will be difficult, even with the large minority elected. If you have any questions on legislation or comments on process please contact me at

Jordan Ulery, Hudson

Despite Loss, Candidate Tanks All for Support

I want to thank all the citizens of Hudson and Pelham who voted for me

for State Representative on November 6. Although I did not quite succeed in getting back into office, I had a good run, and the support I received was very gratifying.

Although I didn’t make it, I am extremely glad that my wife Mary Ann did.

She will again be an excellent representative for our district, and I know she will be open to comments or questions from any constituent. I am proud of her for running and will undoubtedly be even more proud as she serves. I am encouraged by the significant change in membership in State

government, and expect that the new people in Concord will be able to undo much of the damage done by the O’Brien legislature. I hope, and trust, that incumbents who are returning will also hear the voice of the people, and help to recover the civil and less ideological approach to governing that had been the tradition prior to this last term. I will do whatever I can to help all those who have been willing to offer their time and energy to making our state great. I can still be reached at 880-4908 or

John Knowles, Hudson What Will You Do? Just a shade over 50 years ago, immediately after taking the oath of office,

President John F. Kennedy stated in his brief inaugural address “Ask not what your country can do for you - ask what you can do for your country.” Tat statement was taken to heart by most people then and people were proud of it. Based on the results of the recent election, that is no longer the case. Te majority (albeit a slim one) voted in favor of “what can the country do for me?” Tey voted in favor of raising other people’s taxes and the concept of wealth redistribution. Tey voted in favor of increased control at the federal level and continued assaults on the Constitution upon which this country was founded. Tey voted from an ‘all about Me’ perspective instead of an ‘an all about Us” perspective. I’m just looking at the facts. Te above assertions are based on well documented data and portray the approach and direction this administration has and will continue to push this great nation. I do not intend to go on about which candidate was better, is the U.S. becoming socialist, or any of that. Just sharing a perspective to give folks something to think about. Regardless of which party is in the White House or controls the Senate

or the House, or the decades of history behind why and how the economy and current jobs situation came to be (both parties share blame, don’t kid yourself), the majority of this country continues to move towards less personal responsibility, forced ‘fairness,’ and the belief that most people cannot think and therefore must be protected from themselves. Examples? Sure! Bans on soft drinks, teaching children they don’t need to keep score in athletic events, A ban on toys in Happy Meals, rigid control of school lunch content, and there are even groups even pushing for what words can and can no longer be used. Heck, in San Francisco a person can be fined $500 for not recycling their trash ‘correctly!’ And so I ask: Who decides what is ‘fair,’ or ‘correct,’ or just how much

control anyone should have over what they eat, drink, read, watch, or listen to? Tis is somewhat cliché but has become a very pertinent question: What

will you do when they come for You? Matthew J. Harper, Hudson

Editor’s note: Te following was received as a “Tumbs” submission. Due to its length, I elected to share it with our readers as an “anonymous” Letter to the Editor. Tis exceptions is made due to all the negative “thumbs” that the football coaching staff received throughout the season. We encourage all writers to state their opinion and sign their name.

Harsh Comments Led to Painful Last Season

A huge Tumbs Down to the group of football parents who took it upon

themselves to repeatedly complain and whine about the Alvirne coach’s abilities and the amount of play time their boys had. You do not speak for all of us! Tere are many of us who have always appreciated the time and effort these men put in to support and teach our boys - whether or not our sons were one of the starters, or had much time on the field. Tese boys learned more from the coaches than what the scoreboard showed, perhaps you could have asked your son what he was getting out of it, you might be surprised. Every week, we in the stands had to listen to the complaints and obnoxious banter when all we wanted to do was watch our kids play. Tis is a game and believe it or not, chances are your son isn’t going to get picked up by a big name school for football, nor is he going to be drafted by the NFL, regardless of the coaching staff here. You all needed to take a step back and let it go until after the season ended - but you didn’t. So now it would appear that the negativity and commotion stirred by all of you resulted in not only the coaches stepping down, but also the decision to have an awards ceremony without the parents present. Can’t say l blame them, l wouldn’t want any of you there either. As a parent of a Senior football player, I am extremely angry that I did not get to share that with my son, thanks to you. Just think, now your calendars have all opened up now that there is no need for that “meeting.” I hope you think of us when you attend the awards banquets for your Senior sons in the years to come.

Anonymous, Hudson

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