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North SanDiego NOV/DEC 2012 • VOL 27 Immune Support

6 Natural Alternatives for Avoiding Colds and The Flu We’re seeing local pharmacies with their ads promoting flu-shots as a way to get through this “flu season.” There are natural things you can do to strengthen the immune system, without the side effects of the flu shot. Read more on page 6.

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Akashic Gratitude : Turning the Tables on ‘Bad’ in Your Life

Abuse, depression, addiction, job loss, divorce, victimization, chronic pain and illness. These are all just some of the issues we have to deal with in our own lives or indirectly through our family and friends. All are upsetting, traumatic and potentially life threat- ening and, from our human experience, considered “bad.” I think we could agree they are experiences we would love to avoid. Read more on page 18.

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Aculief: Pain Relief and Stress Reduction on Autopilot

When Hope brought home the Aculief, I had no idea what it was all about. Two hours later, I was on the phone with Aculief developer Jon Doogan , inviting him to join the Healthy Times family of advertisers. This is one product our readers need to know about. Read more on page 10.

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Hunting Down


Sometimes I wish I didn’t have rational thought, just so I could spare myself the pain of knowing and feeling difficult things. I don’t want to feel anger when someone I love wrongs me because that would mean that everything isn’t wonderful. And if everything isn’t wonderful, then what do I have? Unhappiness.

When I’m faced with the reality of unhappiness, it means something is wrong. If something is wrong, then I must do something about it, something that could disrupt everything else. I don’t want to rock the boat because the boat might flip over and someone might drown. That some- one just might be me. So, I try to pretend.

I try to pretend things don’t bother me when they do. I pretend that everything is ok. I pretend I am not feeling hurt or pain or disappointment. Most of the time I am completely aware of this set up, which is why it doesn’t work for me to pretend for very long. I am generally aware of how I feel and have to make a conscious effort to pretend, which is obvious to those who know me.

I suppose I am lucky to be so aware. That is the first step to emo- tional health, they say. I was not raised to hide my emotions. I was raised to be confident and say what is on my mind. I say I’m sad when I’m sad, anxious when I’m anxious, annoyed when I’m an- noyed. And you can bet I show them, too. I have always been told I wear my feelings on my sleeve.

However, my emotions and feelings are not my real problem.

Emotions are just symptoms of core issues. Luckily, emotions alert us, like an alarm, to the core issues, if we are listening.

Core issues are the fundamental problems or stresses in your life. They may be things like an unresolved trauma during your child- Continued on page 12

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