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Thursday, October 18, 2012


Keep It Clean – Hands Off! Kruger Products touchless dispensing solutions can help your business

Most of us worry about coming in con- tact with germs when using high-traffic public facilities, especially during the flu season when chances of getting sick are magnified. Think of how many people use public transit, or go through public wash- rooms and office facilities. Knowing the importance of keeping

things germ-free, it’s up to businesses to fill their facilities with products that help minimize the spread of bacteria and re- duce the risk of their patrons coming into contact with germs. Studies recommend installing touchless dispensers to reduce the number of high-traffic surfaces where germs commonly thrive – like the handles

of towel dispensers. Kruger Products, a leading tissue manu-

facturer and distributor in North America understands the real impact touchless dis- pensers can have on reducing the spread of illnesses in the workplace, public set- tings and even schools. “We offer a range of innovative touchless hand care products like our new Mini Titan hand towel dis- penser or Hands Fresh soap and sanitizer dispensers, that all reduce cross contami- nation,” says Jay Candido, Corporate Di- rector, Marketing and Operations, Kruger


Products, Away From Home. “It’s a simple solution with a potentially big payoff be- cause it helps encourage healthy hand-

Kruger’s MiniTitan Dispenser hygiene practices.”

According to Candido, reducing the chances of cross-contamination can have indirect benefits for a business, such as re- ducing the chances of workers getting ill. “A decrease in worker illness can result in increased productivity and attendance lev- els in the workplace. The healthier your workers are, the more they give back to the company.” To reduce a risky hand hygiene situation and learn more about Kruger Products’ dispensing system solutions, visit booth #4204 at ISSA/INTERCLEAN or n

Perfect Floor Cleaning System for Building Service Contractors

In minutes, Kaivac’s all-new Omni-

Flex™ system can be transformed into an automated floor machine rivaling the per- formance of an auto-scrubber—at a frac- tion of the cost.

Introducing the OmniFlex system…a simple,

AutoVac straightforward, and

effective way to clean floors. Certified by the National Floor Safety Institute, the AutoVac system is great for high-speed floor cleaning on all types of floors. It is

Greener cleaners make a difference. Ours make a BIG difference. And they REALLY work.

Competitively priced for great value, our entire line of products is supported by Team Enviro-Solutions and our vast on-line resources. You get the proven Green Pioneers, Specialists, and Leaders in your corner.

So go Green - but do it right, with Enviro-Solutions. Protect your staff, visitors and the environment, all while safeguarding and beautifying your property.

OmniFlex AutoVac System

Visit us on-line, and take the fi rst step toward a cleaner, greener world.

6101_Enviro_NewCreativeBooth.indd 1 Toll Free: 1-877-674-4373

easy to operate and easy to transport, mak- ing it perfect for building service contrac- tors traveling from one location to another. For more information, visit www.kaivac. com or call toll-free: 800-287-1136. n

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