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Thursday, October 18, 2012


Premium Products Enhance Restroom Experience New Tork towels carry a 100% satisfaction guarantee As one of the most visited rooms in a

building, the restroom plays a major role in shaping brand perception. Surveys have suggested that a visitor’s opinion of a busi- ness is heavily influenced by the cleanli-


Additionally, these towels are compatible with a variety of TorkSelect™ dispensers which offer controlled consumption and improved hygiene benefits.

The premium products feature numer- ous enhancements, making them the softest, highest-per- forming products available. Some en- hancements include: • Faster absor-

SCA Entertains Customers while Showing the Latest in Tork Brands. Stop by Booth 2516 to learn about a Variety of TorkSelect Dispensers.

ness, quality, and image of the restroom. To ensure that restrooms meet the require- ments and expectations of tenants, build- ers and property managers, they should look to efficient and innovative ways that make the space functional, hygienic and aesthetically pleasing. Keeping this in mind, SCA’s Tork brand has launched its finest collection of hand towels which includes Premium Extra Soft, Premium and Advanced Soft qual- ity tiers. This new portfolio of hand tow- els, available in roll and folded options, improves restroom aesthetics and experi- ence for tenants, employees and visitors.

bency rate for quick- er and better hand drying • Superior soft- ness for a higher- quality feel • Enhanced ap- pearance for a high- end restroom image • An attractive leaf embossed de-

sign • Tork Easy Handling™ packaging

which makes product cases easier to lift, carry, open and recycle after use Furthermore, most Tork Premium Ex- tra Soft, Premium and Advanced Soft hand towels feature a guaranteed savings in paper usage and all are covered by the Tork 100% satisfaction guarantee. As an expert in the industry, SCA’s Tork brand is committed to providing customers with the hygiene products they need to main- tain a clean and attractive environment for their customers and their customer’s employees. n

ITW Dymon Introduces SCRUBS Breakroom 6-Pack Caddy

ITW Dymon, a leading manufacturer of professional industrial and institutional pre-moistened wipes and chemicals, re- cently introduced the SCRUBS® Break- room 6-Pack Caddy – which features six

“With the SCRUBS Caddy, everything

is conveniently packaged in a single, at- tractive, and ergonomic carry-all,” said ITW Dymon Director of Sales & Market- ing Rich Bucher.

“And because the pre- moistened wipes are dispos- able, the threat of germ and viral cross contamination is virtually eliminated.” The 6-Pack Caddy con-

SCRUBS Breakroom 6-Pack Caddy

of ITW Dymon’s SCRUBS pre-moistened wipes in a convenient caddy designed to make break room cleaning tasks easier and more efficient.

tains SCRUBS Dish Clean- ing Wipes, SCRUBS Appli- ance Wipes, SCRUBS do-it ALL™ Disinfectant Wipes, SCRUBS® Lemon Hand San- itizer Wipes, SCRUBS Stain- less Steel Cleaner Wipes and SCRUBS® Green Cleaning Wipes. With the cleaning and disinfecting power contained within the caddy, employ- ees can handle a multitude of clean up tasks quickly and eas- ily with a trusted brand. For more information about the SCRUBS Break-

room 6-Pack Caddy, visit http://www.dy- scrubs-breakroom-6-pack-caddy-of- wipes. n

Seen in Lambskin Specialties Booth 1248 are (from left to right) Melvyn Pollins, Faye Zbrog, Lory Aicher, Myron Schultz, Melissa Friedman and Richard Friedman

New Independent Lab Studies Reveal that PURELL® Hand Sanitizer is the Only One to Meet FDA Germ Kill Requirements

duce the spread of germs. “Whether in a workplace, school, healthcare facility or a public setting like a restaurant, casino or health club, people have an expectation of high performance when hand sanitizer is provided,” said Tim Dye, GOJO North American Business General Manager and Vice President.


newest dispens- ers, the PURELL ADX™ and LTX™ systems,

are de-

signed to deliver 1.2 mL of hand sanitiz- er, providing users with the assurance that they are getting the right amount of product for effective germ kill every time.” PURELL Advanced Instant Hand Sani- tizer formulations contain a patent-pend- ing blend of ingredients that maximize the impact of alcohol on bacteria while maintaining skin moisture for optimal skin health. A blend of four different skin conditioners moisturize skin and continue to promote skin health with repeated use. Additionally, GOJO announces the in- troduction of the new PURELL LTX™ Touch Free

Dispensing System. The

new touch-free system is the latest hand sanitizer dispenser innovation, offering elegant, sustainable design and reliable performance. GOJO provides a Lifetime Performance Guarantee on the dispensers that even includes the batteries. The dis- pensers are available in solid white or in

black with a brushed chrome finish. Two sizes are available: a high-capacity 1200 mL system for high traffic locations; and a compact, 700 mL system for areas where

Representing Konie Cups International is Bill Simpson, Sales Mgr. on left and Gustavo Roversi, CEO in Booth 2745

PURELL Advanced Instant Hand Sanitizer at Booth 2225

space is limited. The broad GOJO product portfolio in- cludes hand cleaning, handwashing, hand sanitizing and skin care formulas under the GOJO®, PURELL® and PROVON® brand names. For more information, visit or contact GOJO at 800- 321-9647. n

1) Based on top selling hand sanitizers for general hand antisepsis according to GHX hand sanitizer sales data 12 months ending December 2011. 2) Healthcare Personnel Handwash Study #110103- 101, April 5, 2011, BioScience Laboratories, Bozeman, MT. 3) Healthcare Personnel Handwash Study #100907- 101, January 6, 2011, BioScience Laboratories. 4) Healthcare Personnel Handwash Study #111016- 101, March 19, 2012, BioScience Laboratories.

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