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enMotion® Family of Dispensers Continues to Evolve to Improve Hygiene and Sanitation

For a decade, Georgia-Pacific Pro- fessional’s enMotion® dispensers have helped transform the world of touchless

MO, VP of Hygiene and Chairman of Cool is back in Georgia- Pacific Booth 1725 with Brooke McKillop, Category Mgr. Towels Alex Volpe, VP/GM Towels, Danna Ruff Dir. Towel Category

dispensing technology and contributed to more stylish, innovative and sustainable hand hygiene solutions. This year, Geor- gia-Pacific Professional is celebrating the 10th anniversary of the industry-leading enMotion automated dispensing systems. “Since 2002, enMotion dispensers have

improved washroom and foodservice ex- periences by providing product solutions that help businesses reduce costs, improve hygiene and contribute to environmen- tal sustainability,” said Alex Volpe, vice president and general manager, towel cat- egory – Georgia-Pacific Professional.“ As we celebrate this milestone, we recognize the important role our distributor and cus- tomer base has played in the brand’s suc- cess and will continue to provide enhance- ments that support their needs.” The classic 10-inch enMotion dispenser has a 97 percent satisfaction rating among

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can liners and waste receptacles, soaps, sanitizers, dispensers and batteries, toilet tissue, seat covers and dispensers, urinal blocks and screens, and deodorizers and neutralizers. “Now that their sales force is on board with Room to Grow, they have received many new orders as a result,” Brown said.” For distributors who aren’t comfortable in conducting site surveys, the easy-to- use Room to Grow toolkit provides step- by-step instructions – along with Saalfeld Site Survey’s™ – to make the process as simple as possible. All that is necessary is to write down the manufacturer num- ber, brand and description of the item on the worksheet and fax it or e-mail it to a Saalfeld representative.

From there, the

distributor and Saalfeld representative can discuss a sales strategy for each of those items.

Room to Grow Identifies Steps to Suc- cess

The Room to Grow kit is actually more of a guidebook, giving distributors ideas on new product offerings they may have never thought of in the past.

its customers1, and the entire line of dis- pensers continues to evolve to meet the needs of customers in break rooms, class- rooms and food- service areas na- tionwide. Through the years, Georgia- Pacific Profes- sional has evolved the enMotion fam- ily of dispensers to provide improved hygiene solutions by offering sleeker design options for enhanced image, waste reduction benefits and mea- surable maintenance efficiencies. Geor- gia-Pacific Profes-

sional also has added several line exten- sions including automated touchless soap and sanitizer systems for fast response, no-touch dispensing that helps minimize cross-contamination risks. Today, the clas- sic enMotion® automated touchless towel dispenser remains one of the most effec- tive and notable dispensers on the market. To celebrate this milestone, Mo, Geor-

gia-Pacific Professional’s vice president of hygiene and chairman of cool, will be throwing birthday parties at tradeshows and events throughout the year. Addition- ally, Georgia-Pacific Professional


launch a micro-site to help fans and cus- tomers become part of the celebration. To find out more information on the en- Motion anniversary or any of its products, please visit 1) Source: Directions Research, Inc.

May 2007 n

“For example, in the foodservice seg- ment, disposables like hot paper cups, paper wraps and black bottom / clear top to-go containers are predicted to outpace total segment growth from 2010 to 2012,” Siegel said. “If you’re a distributor for a foodservice customer, you’re leaving a lot of potential revenue on the table if you’re not going after some of these disposable products.”

Whether it’s the broadline foodservice,

convenience store, or the industrial seg- ment, the toolkit outlines a step-by-step process any distributor can use to grow their business:

Step 1: Conduct a Saalfeld Site Survey –

Walk around and take notes of the physical environment (floors, surfaces, etc.) and the types of products and dispensers in use. Step 2: Ask the customer for an oppor- tunity to review their needs beyond those products they are already purchasing. Step 3: Ask which products they cur-

rently buy and why, who their current sup- pliers are and if they are satisfied. Listen, take notes and ask for a follow-up meet- ing.

Step 4: Contact your Saalfeld sales rep- resentative for a follow-up strategy and relevant product information. Step 5: Hold a follow-up meeting. De-

scribe the benefits of purchasing addition- al products from fewer suppliers and focus on key products and how they meet your customer’s needs. Step 6: Make the sale In addition to the market segments out- lined in the toolkit, it also uses charts and maps to help guide distributors on what products to look for within each segment and the level of new sales potential associ- ated with each.

“The process itself is pretty straight for-

ward,” Siegel said. “What really makes it different is that Saalfeld can help a distrib- utor every step of the way.” With Room to Grow, Saalfeld category managers will help distributors analyze their markets, develop growth plans, train staff, provide technical support and prod- uct samples – and even join the salesper- son on the sales call if needed. Selling the Customer Benefits Siegel notes that it isn’t only the distrib-

utor, or Saalfeld, that benefits through the process. “For the customer, vendor reduction means cost reduction,” he said. “The few- er distributors a customer buys from leads to a streamlined procurement process and lower total acquisition costs.” Working with fewer vendors, the cus- tomer will have: • Fewer orders and invoices to process, reducing the time and cost allotted to pro- curement and accounting • Fewer trucks making deliveries, re- ducing the time and cost of receiving labor • Reduced supply runs, making employ- ees more productive Getting Management, Staff on Board In addition to sharing the concept with the distributor’s sales team, Saalfeld Sales Representative Bob Stevenson says the Room to Grow program can be especially effective when management is aligned to support the strategy. “Distributors have good sales represen- tatives, but many on their team can use

Thursday, October 18, 2012


additional support and a specific targeted process to identify new sales opportuni- ties,” he said. “Room to Grow can help distribution managers develop better sales representatives.


Saalfeld Sales Representative Brown “Sometimes a certain product category

may be low on the priority list for a dis- tributor,” Brown said. “For example, one of their sales representatives might be re- ally good at selling foodservice items but not restroom products. If Room to Grow helps them pick up one item, it can lead to greater confidence in selling additional items. It may not happen overnight, but if they follow the program and use our ex- pertise, they can drive additional volume leading to significant overall growth for the company and an even stronger rela- tionship with the customer.” And, if implemented effectively, Steven- son notes that Room to Grow allows Saa- lfeld to be a strategic partner to the distri- bution company and its sales team as well. Keeping Customers by Meeting Their


In addition to growing their businesses, Room to Grow can help distributors keep their customers happy…and loyal. According to The Insight Advantage, a consulting group that assists companies with identifying and retaining customers, it costs five times more in time and money to obtain a new customer than to retain an existing one – and existing clients are much more profitable than new ones. The consulting group also notes that customers are typically wooed away by newer prod- ucts, lower prices and/or better service. With Room to Grow and partnering with Saalfeld Redistribution, distributors can offer new products to their existing customers at a competitive price with ex- cellent customer service. All of this can be accomplished with minimal investment

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