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Cascades Tissue Group Upgrades Hand Hygiene, Bringing First-Ever Antibacterial

Paper Towel to U.S. Market continued from page 1

tibacterial Paper Towel can fit anywhere, doesn’t require additional steps and com- pensates for people’s imperfect hygiene habits without changing the way they wash or dry their hands. The towel releases the active ingredient Benzalkonium Chloride when in contact with wet hands. This ac- tive ingredient has been around since 1935 and is safely used in common products,

“It’s a first-of-a-kind prod- uct that eliminates residual bacteria

almost instantly.

Now everyone can help con- trol the spread of bacteria”

including gel sanitizers, baby wipes and antiseptic skin solutions. First cleared by Health Canada, Cas-

cades’ innovative paper product now com- plies with the regulation and policies of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. It is expected to be a hit for the healthcare, foodservice, food processing and educa- tion industries, where businesses face a daily challenge: reduce bacterial contami- nation and transmission. As one example, the U.S. Department of Health estimates that at any given time about one in every 20 inpatients has an infection related to hospital care. “It’s a first-of-a-kind product that elimi- nates residual bacteria almost instantly. Now everyone can help control the spread of bacteria, ”said Suzanne Blanchet, CEO of Cascades Tissue Group and product champion. “While this is a groundbreaking innovation, the Antibacterial Paper Towel makes good common sense as it relates to human health. We believe the product will revolutionize the paper towel’s role in proper hy g i e n e because of its


ficacy and because it doesn’t require a change of habits.”

Cascades Tissue Group has performed

several third-party laboratory tests to ensure the safety and efficacy on the Antibacterial Paper Towel. Importantly, microbiologists also note that using the Antibacterial Paper Towel in conjunction with washing hands with soap and water provides a more hygienic result than using

There’s ‘Room to Grow’ continued from page 1

tributors nationwide to become one of the largest redistributors in the nation. Oper- ating from nine regional hubs across the country, Saalfeld’s team is supported by a dedicated outside sales team of more than 60 category experts.

All of its sales representatives operate in

local markets every day working firsthand with distributors to provide services such

Cascades Antibacterial Paper Towels

Additionally, Cascades Tissue Group produced the Antibacterial Paper Towel using the best environmental practices. It contains 100 percent recycled fiber, and is made using five times less water than the North American paper industry average, making it an environmentally preferable option as well. For more information, visit

Product Adds to Growing Portfolio of Novel Towel and Tissue Innovations

This paper towel is the third innovation Cascades Tissue Group has introduced to the North American “Away-from-Home” market this year. Earlier this year, the com- pany launched Cascades® Elite™ towels and Cascades® Moka™ bathroom tissue. Cascades Elite hand towels are made with a unique technology that – for the first time ever – gives recycled fiber paper towels a level of softness and absorbency that’s equivalent to the through-air-dried (TAD) ultra-soft paper towels made from virgin fiber sources. While its feel and ab- sorbency are the same as TAD products, its environmental impact is not, as the technology generates 78 percent fewer greenhouse gas emissions. Cascades Moka, North America’s most sustainable and first beige-colored bath- room tissue, contains corrugated card- board as part of its pulp recipe. Boldly, the product also does not undergo the whiten- ing phase used by papermakers to “im- prove” aesthetics. The beige result means minimal energy, chemicals and natural resources used in manufacturing, yet it is just as soft and hygienic as the white tissue alternative. n

as marketplace analysis and customized solutions.

“Whether a distributor is working with one of our sales or customer service repre- sentatives, they will find we can provide a level of consultation based on broad-based knowledge and experience,” said Saalfeld Marketing Director John Siegel. Saalfeld representatives are in a unique position to support distributors who want to grow their business with existing cus- tomers – and Room to Grow helps them

alcohol-based gels and other hand sanitiz- ers. While these products kill bacteria and are useful when there is no water and soap available, they don’t remove the organic matter (grease, dirt, blood, fecal matter) often found on hands.

Thursday, October 18, 2012


New Crystal Shield System from Diversey Re- duces Stone Floor Care Maintenance Costs, and Improves Worker Safety and Sustainability

Diversey showcases innovations at ISSA INTERCLEAN that provide a smarter approach to building care

Diversey business introduced the

Crystal Shield System at ISSA INTER- CLEAN North America in Chicago, booth 1702. The system is a unique floor care program for concrete, terrazzo and other stone surfaces that eliminates chemical stripping and significantly reduces maintenance frequency. This means customers can maintain a beautiful looking stone floor for up to 30 percent less cost than traditional strip and recoat programs, while improving worker safety and sustainability. “As the world leader in floor care, we

develop total integrated solutions that include chemicals, tools, machines and services,” said Sergio Pupkin, Global Facility Management Vice President for Diversey. “Drawing on our outstanding floor care heritage, the Crystal Shield sys- tem solves the unique challenges of stone floor care maintenance with 30 percent lower labor and 20 percent less chemical costs.”

The Diversey Crystal Shield System is a total integrated solution featuring TASKI Twister diamond-impregnated pads, chemical protector and maintainer, and TASKI ErgoDisc 2000 Cord Electric Burnisher. The system protects floors from scratches, abrasions and stains to extend the life of floors while maintaining a beautiful, glossy appearance. Diversey will also showcase several

new innovations at ISSA INTERCLEAN that help organizations improve their operational efficiency, safety and environ- mental profile, including:

• TASKI IntelliDose – The TASKI IntelliDose system is an onboard system that integrates TASKI machines and chemicals to optimize chemical consump- tion, increase productivity and guarantee quality results. The simple, safe and

do just that. How Room to Grow Works Saalfeld developed Room to Grow to

help distributors who want to grow their business by offering new products to exist- ing customers.

The Room to Grow program includes

a toolkit with market segment insight along with expert consultation from Saa- lfeld to help distributors become aware of product opportunities in their existing ac- counts and train their staff regarding spe- cific product applications. This gives each sales team member greater confidence and more product knowledge when selling to customers and prospects.” “Room to Grow has allowed me to help

my distributors expand their sales into new product categories they have not thought of before,” said Saalfeld Sales Representa- tive Sheri Brown, who introduced the pro- gram to several distributors since it was launched. “For example, let’s say a sales- person’s already selling towels and tissues to a convenience store for use in the rest- room.

There are likely other product ap-

environmentally friendly system features closed pouches with the optimal amount of chemical for any task or floor type. No manual dosing is required and the closed pouches eliminate operator contact with chemicals.

• TASKI Quantum – The TASKI Quantum is a revolutionary mopping system comprised of a unique mop holder and two-sided flat mops that allows customers to significantly increase square footage coverage per single mop. Cus- tomers also consume 33 percent less wa- ter and laundry detergent when cleaning the mops since fewer mops are used to improve an organization’s environmental footprint.

• VeriClean™ System – The Veri- Clean system is a programmatic, evidence-based approach to improve the cleaning and disinfection of high-touch surfaces in healthcare settings. The program integrates products, processes, training and validation into a continuous improvement process designed to enhance staff knowledge and improve cleaning outcomes. In turn, this reduces risk by limiting the transmission of healthcare- associated infections (HAIs). “We will continue to develop innovative solutions that create measurable value for our customers and provide a cleaner and healthier environment for future genera- tions,” said Pedro Chidichimo, President of Diversey. “We are a global leader in the cleaning and hygiene industry and are committed to providing smarter building care solutions that solve real business problems.” Diversey is a business of Sealed Air

Corp., a leader in food safety and secu- rity, facility hygiene and product protec- tion. n

plications in the restroom, as well as other areas, that they can be selling. We can help them with these opportunities. The idea is that the salesperson already owns the majority of ‘the spend’ with this cus- tomer, so why not go after the rest?” Brown, who was a manufacturers’ rep- resentative for 10 years with an industry- leading foodservice solutions supplier pri- or to joining Saalfeld, says she has relevant experience to help her distributor custom- ers grow. With Room to Grow, she’s able to put that experience to work – assisting sales representatives in identifying other product categories where they can easily expand.

“One of earliest success stories was with a distributor who has 25 sales repre- sentatives working out of the New Albany area,” Brown said. “We decided to focus on the washroom, since they weren’t sell- ing a lot of those types of products. We had a kick-off meeting and trained their sales reps on how to sell those products to their customers.” In washrooms, products can include

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