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Thursday, October 18, 2012 Tork Elevation – The Complete Restroom Package

SCA’s Tork brand understands that the restroom can make or break a customer experience.

“When it comes to how the public views

a business and its services, those opinions are heavily influenced by how well the restroom facilities are maintained,” said John Drengler, VP Product and Marketing for SCA AfH Professional Hygiene North America. “The Tork Elevation line em- braces form and function to make products easier to use and maintain. The thoughtful, modern design of these dispensers fits to- gether seamlessly, delivering improved hy- giene and industry-leading sustainability.” Tork Elevation offers a complete sys- tem, providing matching towel, soap, and bath tissue dispensers designed with the business environment in mind. Creating the ultimate restroom experi- ence is crucial for building owners. From the moment someone enters the area to when they leave, most customers are aware of the cleanliness and quality of a rest- room. A messy and unsanitary restroom indicates the business is not practicing ap- propriate cleaning practices. As a result, designing a restroom that incorporates de- sign, sustainability and patron well-being shows a commitment that a business has to the health and satisfaction of their tenants. The new additions to the Elevation line build on Tork’s commitment to provide

restroom facility operators with products that ensure visitors use restrooms that are efficient, effective and aesthetically pleasing. The sleek and modern dispens- ers decrease labor, waste, germs and the environmental footprint in the restroom. Additionally, the award-winning design can be used with Tork’s newest collection of Premium Extra Soft, Premium, and Ad- vanced Soft hand towels for superior per- formance and hand feel. The four new Elevation dispensers are

available in black and white. They join Tork’s complete family of Elevation dis- pensers, including the Tork Matic, Tork Xpress, Tork Centerfeed, Tork Jumbo Bath Tissue, Tork High Capacity Bath Tissue and Tork Liquid and Foam Soap. Details on the new Tork Elevation dis-

pensers include: Tork Elevation™ Intuition® Elec-

tronic Hand Towel Roll Dispenser The newly designed Elevation Intuition Electronic Hand Towel Roll Dispenser uses one-at-a-time, no-touch automated functionality for less waste, cost and clutter while improving hygiene and im- age. Inside the advanced, space-saving design is one of the highest quality mo- tors and state-of-the-art electronics for a quieter and smoother delivery of each towel—with no special tools needed to


adjust sheet length. On the outside of the Intuition, features include LED refill and low battery light indicators to simplify re- stroom maintenance. The Elevation line also offers a range of natural, 100 percent recycled to ultra-premium, two-ply towel- ing in a range of refill lengths. Tork Elevation™ Folded Tissue Dispenser The all new Elevation Folded Tissue Dispenser is a unique extension of the El- evation line. It is designed to take up less space and less time to install and maintain. Folded tissue offers a lower environmen- tal impact because it has no core and of- fers a 25 percent guaranteed reduction in consumption when customers switch from conventional rolls. This upscale option needs less maintenance and limits pilfer- age due to the lock that operates in key or keyless push button mode. This tissue and dispenser is also flexible as customers can use it as a bath or facial tissue dispenser. Tork Elevation™ DoorMate™ Towel System


The Tork Elevation DoorMate Towel System keeps hands clean and germ free while exiting the restroom. By providing a small square of folded towel as a door handle barrier, users will use fewer pa- per towels and create less waste around the restroom. The DoorMate includes a wall-mount 5-liter bin for easy disposal of towel waste. To maintain the clean image of the restroom, the bin liner holder retains the bag completely inside dispenser so no bags overhang outside the bin.

Tork Elevation™ Bath Tissue Jumbo Roll Mini Twin Dispenser The restyled and upgraded mini twin bath tissue dispenser decreases labor and maintenance in high-traffic restrooms. It allows two high-capacity rolls and a roll brake so people take only what they need, reducing waste, clutter and cost. The lock operates in key or keyless push button mode. The reserve roll remains protected until the first roll is gone, ensuring it stays hygienic. n

Spartan Chemical - Substantial Growth has Necessitated Personnel Changes

Spartan Chemical has experienced sub- stantial growth in the Building Service Contractor market segment which has ne- cessitated some very exciting personnel changes within the Sales Department. Frank Trevisani, who has worked for

Spartan Chemical the past 13 years as Manager of Building Service Contractors, has been promoted to Director of Building Service Contractors. Frank has been in the BSC industry for over 33 years in various management positions with Oneida Chemi- cal Company, ISS, Clarke Floor Machine, and One Source. Frank’s responsibilities will be to oversee this market segment and report directly to Greg Ford, Vice President of Sales. Frank has a Bachelor’s Degree from St. Bonaventure University and is a leader in the BSC market. Other accomplishments include Frank be- ing selected by Cleaning & Maintenance Management Magazine as an Industry Leader Dream Team Member.

Francisco region for over seven years and has gained tremendous experience with the BSCs in the greater San Francisco Bay area. As Manager of Building Ser- vice Contractors, Ryan will be working very closely with Frank Trevisani to fur- ther expand Spartan’s presence in the BSC

Frank Trevisani

Ryan Leadingham

Ryan Leadingham has been promoted to Manager of Building Service Contrac- tors for Spartan Chemical. Ryan has been a Regional Manager for Spartan in the San

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240.30326 2012 Waldens Convention Daily.indd 1 8/23/12 2:46 PM

market segment. Ryan and his family will be relocating to Spartan Chemical’s Head- quarters in Maumee, Ohio to assume his new position. Ryan is a native of Califor- nia and has a Bachelor’s Degree in Organi- zational Communication from California State University, Sacramento. n

Now You Can Tout Your Green Horn

With the Sustainablity Dashboard Tool, managers can calculate Greenhouse Gas emissions

rapidly and easily integrate

results into sustainability reports. These reports can then be used for a variety of purposes from allowing organizations to tout their “Green horns” to helping create a culture of sustainability where everyone in a facility can see the progress the or- ganization is making and gets onboard to make it even Greener and more sustain- able in the future. For more information, visit

Sustainability Dashboard Tool or email info@green- n

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