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WALDEN’S CONVENTION DAILY ISSA/INTERCLEAN® 2012 CONVENTION DAILY A Walden-Mott Publication Thursday, October 18, 2012

Cascades Tissue Group Upgrades Hand Hygiene, Bringing First-Ever

Antibacterial Paper Towel to U.S. Market

Innovative Cascades Antibacterial Paper Towel provides a simple and effective way to further reduce bacterial contamination and transmission

North America’s fourth largest producer of towel and tissue paper, Cascades Tissue

el. Redefining the hand towel’s role in enhancing hygiene, the Cascades Antibac- terial Paper Towel minimizes hand contamination by killing 99.99 percent of harmful bacteria almost instantly un- like ordinary paper towels. Since 80 percent


Cascades Executives and Sales Professionals are Pictured above in Booth 3618 Showing the Latest in Antibacterial Towels

Group, announced today the U.S. launch of the Cascades Antibacterial Paper Tow-

all infections are transmitted by hand, the lack of proper hand hy- giene, in particular inadequate hand washing and drying practices, continues to be a consistent, if not deadly, problem.

The distinctly green-colored Cascades An- continued on page 27

There’s ‘Room to Grow’ for Distributors with Saalfeld’s New Initiative

According to a recent survey by Interna- tional Distribution Magazine, nearly half of all distributor respondents indicated that adding product lines was an initiative im-

said their primary growth strategy was to grow sales among their existing custom- ers.

Many distributors know that it is easier to build on their ex- isting relationships compared to finding new customers. This is one of the reasons why Saal- feld Redistribution has

launched the RE-0221 ISSAStrip Ad 9/10/12 10:04 AM Page 1

Meet the Sales and Marketing Team from Saalfeld Redistribution on hand in Booth 1463.

They are Showing Distributors there is “Room to Grow” Trebor Tissue!

Room to Grow™ program, which pro- vides distributors the help they need to grow their business with existing cus- tomers.

Since the early 1980s, Saalfeld Redistribution has devoted itself exclu-

WC746/TRE-0467 ISSAStripAdAnniv_LWC334/TRE-0221 ISSAStrip Ad 9/10/12 10:04 AM Page 1

portant to their growth and business devel- opment – and an overwhelming 77 percent

sively to supplying and supporting dis- continued on page 29

The studies, conducted at BioSciences Laboratories in Bozeman, MT, used the

Healthcare Personnel Handwash test meth- odology as described in the FDA T enta - tive Final Mono - graph for Healthcare Antiseptic Drug Products (21 CFR Parts 333 and 369). While the mono- graph sets the standard for product perfor- mance in healthcare settings, the findings are important for all types of businesses that provide hand sanitizers to help re-

GOJO’s PURELL continued on page 4 Trebor Tissue! #

3804 Booth

Booth 4253

American News Icon Tom Brokaw to Deliver Keynote

Television journalist and author Tom

Brokaw will draw on his rich career in network news to provide ISSA/INTER- CLEAN® North America 2012 attendees with his unique world views. Brokaw will present this year’s keynote address, The Voice of a Generation, at 8:30 a.m., at Mc- Cormick Place. Brokaw, who has traveled the world to

cover elections, summits, wars, political turmoil, and major news, will offer in- depth analysis of the important economic, political, and social issues in the head- lines—and the people behind them. Speaker Background After 21 years as anchor and manag- ing editor of NBC Nightly News, Brokaw stepped down December 1, 2004. He con- tinues to be a special correspondent for NBC News, producing and reporting on long-form documentaries as well as pro- viding expert coverage during elections and breaking news events. His insight, ability, and integrity have

earned him a dozen Emmys and two Pea- body and duPont awards for his journalis- tic achievements. While anchoring both NBC Nightly

News and Today, Brokaw alsoreported in 25 NBC documentaries on subjects rang-

ing from race; AIDS; the war on terror; Los Angeles, CA, gangs; Bill Gates; lit- eracy; immigration; and the evangelical

Thursday, October 18, 2012


Tom Brokaw

movement. As a political reporter, the anchorman has interviewed every president since Lyn-

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New Independent Lab Studies Reveal That PURELL® Advanced Instant Hand Sanitizer Is the Only One to Meet FDA Germ Kill Requirements in a Single 1.2 mL Dispense(1-4)

Twenty other hand sanitizers failed to pass the rigorous requirements at a 2.0 mL dose, even when they contained a higher percentage of alcohol

GOJO Industries announced today the results of a series of independent lab studies testing the ability of instant hand sanitizers to meet FDA Healthcare Person- nel Handwash germ kill requirements at various dosage levels. The studies, which included over 20 different hand sanitiz- ers, concluded that the patent-pending PURELL Advanced Instant Hand Sani- tizer formulation is the only one to meet FDA germ kill requirements with a single 1.2 mL dispense. All other hand sanitiz- ers in the tests failed to meet performance requirements at a 2.0 mL dose, even when they contained a higher percentage of al- cohol.

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