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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

WALDEN’S CONVENTION DAILY ISSA/INTERCLEAN® 2012 Sustainability Leads to Better Business

As the popularity of sustainability con- tinues to grow among consumers, business owners need to incorporate sustainable ini- tiatives into their daily business practices. Ranked as one of the World’s Most Ethi- cal Companies by Ethisphere, SCA has practiced sustainability for 85 years and learned quite a bit about what works in encouraging customers to join the sustain- ability movement. SCA’s Tork brand offers product lines that positively impact busi- nesses and benefit the global community.

There are many reasons to implement sustainable practice into a business plan, including the following: Sustainability Improves Brand Per- ception

According to a Harris Interactive survey

Tork commissioned earlier this year, 82 percent of U.S. adults are knowledgeable about which companies and brands have a strong history of sustainability. Of those, a staggering 80 percent consider the his- tory of a company’s sustainability when

purchasing from them. Sustainability Sells Americans continue to welcome green practices, even during difficult economic times. More specifically, 69 percent of American adults purchase green products or services. Among them, 48 percent make these purchases because they are better for the environment. Sustainability Impacts the Bottom

Line The most effective way to reduce cost is


to cut down on how much you use, which means you buy less. The Tork Xpressnap dispenser guarantees a 25 percent reduc- tion in napkin usage as compared to tra- ditional dispensers and Tork wipers are guaranteed to save 10 percent compared to laundered towel services. These points prove that keeping sustain- ability at the core of operations will ben- efit a business. SCA attributes numerous major business partnerships - including the Empire State Building, Tulane Univer- sity and the Philadelphia Eagles – to their commitment

to customer satisfaction,

which is what drives them to provide sus- tainable and dependable products. Tork products and dispensing systems

offer a variety of solutions for business owners looking to incorporate sustain- ability into their daily practices. Further- more, all Tork paper products are made from sustainable sources, many with third party certifications for efficient process- es and use of 100% recycled fiber. Tork product solutions are just one of the many ways SCA and the Tork brand helps their customers take part in the sustainability movement.

By: Mike Kapalko, Sustainability Marketing Manager

ISSA Website A Treasure of Tools

With more than 50,000 monthly unique visitors and more than 200,000 monthly user sessions, it’s clear the cleaning industry considers ISSA’s web- site a go-to resource. But what might not be so obvious is that it is also chockfull of new tools designed to help professionals promote cleaning as a necessary investment in better health, a better environment, and a better bottom line. Available exclusively to ISSA members, these tools include: Value of Clean Calculator: Designed to quantify the total value of proper clean- ing, this tool helps companies better un- derstand how to connect cleaning invest- ments to metrics that facility executives care about most. Leveraging the Value Calculator

Demo: This quick overview offers a tuto- rial on how to get the most out of the Value Calculator.

Customer Leave-Behind Cards: These Greener cleaners make a difference. Ours make a BIG difference. And they REALLY work.

Competitively priced for great value, our entire line of products is supported by Team Enviro-Solutions and our vast on-line resources. You get the proven Green Pioneers, Specialists, and Leaders in your corner.

So go Green - but do it right, with Enviro-Solutions. Protect your staff, visitors and the environment, all while safeguarding and beautifying your property.

Visit us on-line, and take the fi rst step toward a cleaner, greener world.

6101_Enviro_NewCreativeBooth.indd 1

new “Value of Clean” leave-behind cards are an easy way to quickly educate cus- tomers regarding the full value of proper cleaning in areas they currently might overlook. Power of Clean Video: This short clip promotes the value of cleaning as an in- vestment in people, planet and profits for use with staff or customers. ISSA Member Logos: Along with these new tools, ISSA also has updated its member logos, coinciding with the recent- ly launched ISSA logo. In addition to these tools,

Toll Free: 1-877-674-4373

still offers lots of resources to anyone in the industry, regardless of membership. To learn more about, ISSA member benefits or the new tools, visit the ISSA Resource Center, Booth 4169. n

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